propulsion technology

A new ship propulsion technology

Scientists have discovered a new method in which a generator supplies power to the motor propeller to propel the ship.

The motor propeller is actually a motor assembly installed in a “duct”.
A permanent magnet excited stator is placed in the wall of the draft tube, and a propeller whose blade end is fixed on the ring serves as a rotor. They are placed in a radially supported axial thrust bearing.

Because the electromagnetic power is added to the ring at the end of the propeller blade, it has the characteristics of high torque and low speed, which is very beneficial to tugboats, fishing trawlers and low-speed ships that require large towing force.
The speed of the propeller can be steplessly controlled by the thyratron element and the closed-loop control system.
Only the power cable runs through the hull, completely canceling the propeller shaft and gearbox system necessary for the ship. The generator set as an energy source can be installed in any position of the ship, or it can be installed horizontally.

Many design problems of ships, including noise, can be solved by using the new technology of motor propellers, thereby reducing costs and reflecting economic benefits.

propulsion technology

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