Brushless Trolling Motor

When it comes to choosing trolling motors, the electric trolling motor is a top choice on the market. These products are built to last long and work for many hours when you need to explore different parts of the rivers or lakes while fishing. The trolling motor is an additional navigating system to support a small boat with a deep cycle battery or foot pedal.

It helps you maintain the proper speed control while cruising on the lake or river. The brushless trolling motor product category is unique because the brushless technology is superb. It involves an energized system that does not require brushes to generate the power. The brushless motor is, therefore, more energy efficient and can be powered with a deep cycle battery or aa batteries.

In addition to longevity, since no mechanical parts need to brush against each other, there is a lower risk of wear and tear when using this new trolling motor. Also, the brushless trolling motor is easy to install, whether you have a kayak or small boat.

While these trolling motors may deliver a lower torque compared to the brushed motors, the other benefits outweigh the alternatives on the market. There is a consistent demand for the trolling motor because it works perfectly, and all you need is operating expertise and an original battery charger.

Why These Trolling Motors Are Better

The demand for the electric trolling motor has seen a massive spike in recent years because the electric motor has significant advantages compared to other alternatives. These trolling motors are unique in the following ways:

Silent Operating System

Using a quiet electric motor with an excellent output and control switch is best for anglers who would rather not disturb the fish in the water. The smooth operating motor shaft, remote control, and telescopic handle are among the top features that make these motor brands operate quietly. The silent cruise does not affect the thrust capacity or steering functions.

Smaller Trolling Motor Size

The small-sized brushless motor is convenient for people who need to manage space. The advantage of having a small-sized trolling motor is that you will not need to manage space when mounting the device on your boat or kayak. Also, you have more options regarding the installation positions on the kayak.

Excellent Speed Control

The unit comes with a remote control system and telescopic handles, among other features that allow you to maintain an average speed when using inflatable boats or kayaks. With the powerful motor, you have no worries about using this motor on a bass boat for freshwater or salt water.

Brushless Motors Last Longer

These products are more durable than other versions because they deliver full power without having to generate much heat energy. There are no worries about burnt parts because the heat energy generated while using the motor is minimal. You can find more information on the motorguide tour pro manual.

Are Replacement Parts Easy to Buy?

Since the shaft lengths for these models are regular sizes and the battery and pedal model are basic, repairs will not be a problem. You can find spare parts for these units. The good idea is to contact the manufacturer when you need the lock or controller system parts.

However, there are many replicas on the market, so you must ensure you buy the exact parts when you need to do a replacement for the shaft, lock, and other push parts. It is also a great idea to buy from sellers that provide a warranty.

You can order new batteries that will be shipped to your location in no time. However, you may not need to make that purchase for many years because the top-quality batteries last long. You will observe that on a full charge, the battery powering your trolling motor will last for up to eight hours.

The longer duration before battery drain is possible because the absence of brushes allows the trolling motor to consume less power. Many models come with one solid battery, but you can find other models with two battery packs.

General Technical Specifications

With every purchase from us, you get the best trolling motor models used by the main players on the market. They are suitable for recreational kayaking or fishing. The specifications include features that help improve user experience, especially for anglers. You can find models that run on 12v, 24v, or 48v batteries. There are provisions for a warranty to protect your interests.

Also, you will find models with different thrust capacities and speed range depending on the brand. Some systems will have a max amp draw of 50 amps or more. And the shaft or main pole length will also vary depending on the model you want to purchase.

Overall, it would help if you looked for models with a good battery, adequate power, thrust capacity, and steering functions for small boats. You may include features like GPS or downscan imaging if you plan to use the boat for fishing. Be assured that the maintenance requirement for these products is not too much, and they hardly develop faults when you use the trolling motor correctly.

Trolling Motor Brands in this Category

The trolling motors you will find in this category have been designed for small to mid-sized boats and kayaks. They are durable and easy to install and use. The functional parts are sturdy, and you will get the best thrust from the engines when you decide to hunt fish. Here are the top options on our site:

Saltwater Engine Mount Trolling Motor

This beautifully designed trolling motor is excellent for a small boat, and the shipping arrangements include proper packaging that protects the functional parts from damage during transit. The thrust capacity of this model is 50 lbs, which is excellent for its size.

This motor can work on boats carrying from five to seven people and has a super coating that prevents the outer layer from corrosion. Also, the trolling motor has a 12v battery which is adequate to power all its features. The output power from the system is about 564w, and it has a thrust capacity of 22.7 KGS.

The unit comes with a shaft length of 92cm, and it can be adequately submerged in the water when you need to use the device. It also has a traction capacity of 1450KG, and for additional protection, the makers provide a warranty with all terms and conditions applicable.

Foot Control Trolling Motor

The supply voltage powering this motor is 24v, and it is compatible with a spot lock device. The boat can cruise at a speed of 8 km/h, and the weight capacity of this model is up to 20KGS. The main pole length is 121 cm, which makes it a good model for complete submersion when trolling fish. It works with a silent engine, and the thrust capacity is about 80 lbs.

The shaft on this device is made of stainless steel, which enhances durability, and the power system delivers a maximum current of 41A. Overall, the engine delivers up to 2.5 horsepower, and the customer reviews are excellent.

80lb Thrust Trolling Motor

This is a perfect motor for a boat in the midsize range. It uses a brushless motor that preserves the battery power. The brand is excellent for people who would like to fish, and it is compatible with GPS for proper direction when trolling fish. Navigation is easy since the device has a pole length of 91cm.

The engine has an excellent performance with a battery that provides a supply voltage of 12v and a maximum current of 65 amps. The unit has a controlled power output of 780w and delivers up to 3 horsepower.

When installed on a boat, the device with an average weight of 13kgs can cruise at a speed of 8 km/h. The boat can carry two or three persons without issues. The package provides proper storage, so there is no worry about the parts getting damaged during transit.

30 Inches Short Shaft Trolling Motor

This small-sized motor is compatible with spot lock functions and works with a battery that supplies a voltage of 12v. The max speed with this model is 9 km/h, which is impressive for a small-sized motor. Also, it can work seamlessly with a GPS for direction, making each feature easy to use.

The shaft length is about 30 inches, and the engine delivers up to 50 amps. The shaft is made of stainless steel, and other parts have been coated with high-quality paint to prevent corrosion. Another feature is the motor protection system, which works flawlessly and increases the product’s lifespan. The motor can support up to six people max.

Thrust Outboard Motor for Kayak

The smart controls allow you to use this product on autopilot and hand controlled. The rated power output is 720w from a 12v battery-powered engine that also delivers 50 amps. The outboard engine is brushless, so it consumes less battery power.

It has a cute design, and the body is protected from corrosion. The device has a telescopic handle and a motor protection system. The main pole length is 30 inches and has a thrust capacity of 72 lbs. Moving at a speed of 9 km/h, this model is always in demand.

If you want to buy any of these products in bulk, reach out to us. Send us a customer contact form to get started. We will support you in securing these bestselling products for your target market.


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