Boat Trolling Motor

Thanks to advanced technology, we can enjoy spending more time outdoors, fishing, or cruising across the lakes using a boat trolling motor. The trolling motor tech is still quite simple, which is a good thing because anyone can understand how it works, install the trolling motor and use all its features, even if it comes with an electric motor.

The challenge many people are now experiencing is knowing which is the best boat trolling motor for their boats. Buying these trolling motors in bulk is a great idea because they sell out fast. Also, you can get all the products you want from our company. We sell durable electric trolling motors and other models that have excellent performance and durability.

Features of the Boat Trolling Motor

We always advise new investors to make an effort to understand the different features of the trolling motor. They can always leverage that information to understand the functions of the freshwater trolling motors and saltwater models. Then, making a buying decision becomes easier.

The trolling motors do not have complex features, so it is pretty easy to understand how the product works for boat trolling. Here are some of the top features:

Propeller Blades

You can find trolling motors with two or three propeller blades. The number of blades that comes with the motor depends on the engine capacity and its intended use. Also, the prop design may be weedless for more power.

The propeller blades are made from durable materials to ensure they are corrosion resistant and reliable.

Long Shaft Length

Another consistent feature of the boat trolling motor is the shaft length. It is long enough to be submerged at the right depth to improve the user’s steering experience. The average shaft length on an electric trolling motor is about 30 inches.

The shaft is also made from durable materials like stainless steel, while some are powder coated to enhance their functions and to make them more durable.

Strong Battery

The battery power rating is essential to maintain a consistent supply while using the trolling motor. Some of these products may feature a foot pedal. However, having a reliable battery is an excellent idea, especially if you are using an electric trolling motor.

It is always best to check the electric motor rating when making a bulk purchase because that is the powerhouse of the product.

Impressive Weight Capacity

The boat trolling motor has been assessed to estimate the weight capacity. These trolling motors can pull boats carrying up to 5 or 6 people, even at reverse speeds. However, the kayak design or type of boat can influence the weight capacity of the trolling motor.

Wireless Remote Control

This is another smart design that makes it easy to use these trolling motors. The wireless remote system allows you to control the electric trolling motors features when moving forward or to maintain reasonable reverse speeds.

However, these trolling motors have alternative control features to give the user options. So, it is possible to use the foot pedal or wireless remote control feature.

Advantages of Using a Boat Trolling Motor

Having a boat trolling motor with an impressive performance range is a great idea. You can enjoy sailing across rivers while the boat or kayak remains steady. The boat trolling motor capacity will determine its usage limits, but they generally have similar performance.

The main parts of the motors have been protected with reliable materials, so you can buy a good trolling motor within your budget and enjoy using it for many years.

Our company has in stock some of the best trolling motors you can find on the market, with high-quality bracket pairs that can help secure the motor to any type of deck.

Here’s why you should consider using these products:

Easy Installation

The trolling motor is lightweight regardless of the motor brand you buy. They also come with a complete set of accessories that allow you to install the motors on the deck. This should take a few minutes if you know what to do. You can hire an expert to help you complete the installation if necessary.

For people who have smaller boats, they can consider using the transom mounts, which can fit any boat and shaft length. For the owners of bigger boats or kayaks, the bow mounted trolling motors will be the best option.

Quiet Operation

Another reason why the trolling motor is excellent for boats is the silent engine. The loud mechanical noise can scare fish away. So if you plan to use the motor to go shopping, you should consider buying these models with a silent engine.

The engine design could be outboard or positioned lower, so it is submerged. The customer reviews usually reveal whether the trolling motor has a silent engine, so you should see that information before making a purchase.

Different Engine Capacities

The boat trolling motors have varying battery power and thrust capacity. You can choose models that are designed for heavy-duty operations and faster forward speeds.

Excellent for Fishing

You can enjoy a seamless fishing experience with these trolling motors pulling your boat across the shallow water. The forward speeds can be gliding motions, smooth and enjoyable, making boat trolling easy.

Excellent Steering

While the motor pushes or pulls your boat, you should have proper control in shallow water or deeper parts of the river. You can do that with a boat trolling motor. The steering features include using I pilot, GPS, wireless control, or hand steering control. You can also use intelligent features like the spot lock to map particular areas for fishing or to explore.

Product Category- Boat Trolling Motors

These products sell at a good price, so demand is always high. The thrust capacity is impressive, allowing users to maintain their preferred speed. Also, you can search and discover more ways to leverage these trolling motors using other people’s experiences.

Here are the best boat trolling motor models on the market:

24LB Thrust Trolling Motor

With a thrust rating of 24 lbs, this throttle powered motor is excellent for fishing or cruising the rivers. The model has a two-blade propeller which works fantastically with the shaft length. It is also suitable for the transom mounted setup. The mounting depth is controlled by using the tension collar on the shaft.

The motor also packs a power output of 256w, working with a supply voltage of 12v. The battery is super effective, and the user can ensure the motor stays connected to the battery because the setup features two high-quality alligator cable clips.

Steering this boat trolling motor is easy because the handle has a handle fixing collar for easy adjustments. The boat trolling motor can cruise at 12 km/h while maintaining the user’s preferred speed.

It uses the brush motor type and is super reliable.

Small Trolling Motor for Kayaks

This trolling motor has one of the best electric outboards that support its thrust capacity and power. The user can set different installation heights because the adjustable brackets are effective. Also, the motor functions allow users to engage the forward and reverse movements while maintaining a normal speed.

The control handle can be extended, and it has a durable head. Also, the shaft length measures 608mm, which is perfect for adjusting the tension collar to keep the outboard engine above water. The supply voltage from the battery is 12v, and it has a power output of 192w.

The speed limit for this brush motor model is impressive. It has an average thrust capacity of 18 lbs.

80 lb Thrust Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats

This boat trolling motor can work efficiently on saltwater with its three-blade propeller that cuts through weed. The battery that comes with this model supplies up to 12v, and it works with a maximum current of 65 amps.

The wiring system for this model is excellent. It also features two high-quality alligator cable connectors with red and black clips that hold securely.

Another advantage of using this motor is its price. You can order it directly from our online shop at a fantastic price. Also, it is easy to operate with the best tiller handles for easy navigation.

This brand has a shaft length of 91 cm. The shaft is made from stainless steel, which is durable. Also, the motor can pull boats at a cruise speed of up to 8 km/h. Customer reviews for this model are excellent, and it sells out fast.

100 Lb Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor

This is unique fishing trolling motor designed to navigate any course you choose. The battery is a top brand and supports the thrust capacity of the engine rated at 100 lbs. The quiet engine will not scare fish away, and the tiller handle is easy to use.

The power output from this model is 1320, working with a supply voltage of 24v. The model is still lightweight regardless of these heavy-duty specs, and it is easy to use.

The shaft length is about 91 cm, and it comes with a tension collar for easy adjustments. The pilot features are excellent because the tiller handle is adjustable. The maintenance requirements for this model are minimal, and you can get customer support services once you provide details of your query.

120 Lb Boat Trolling Motor

With a thrust capacity of 120 lbs, this boat trolling motor is one of the most sought-after model on the market. The sturdy propeller has three blades that push the boats or kayaks at a speed of 10 km/h.

The power output from this trolling motor is 1560w, and it works with a supply voltage of 24v and 65 amps. The shaft measures 91cm. It is made from stainless steel. The battery is excellent, powering a silent engine that won’t scare fish away.

Buy in Bulk

If you are interested in buying any of these boat trolling motor models in bulk, send us a customer contact form so we can reach out to provide all the support you need.


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