Electric Trolling Motor

One of the best sources of energy for almost anything is electricity. This is why we are not surprised that electric trolling motors are becoming the trendsetters in the industry. The trolling motor has excellent electric outboards, with a properly designed circuit and power settings to pull or push the kayaks. You can also use these trolling motors to pull small boats.

However, these products should come with electric motors that manufacturers have built with high-quality parts. These models may also feature a foot pedal for extra range. Also, the price of this trolling motor model is reasonable. You can shop for them and order bulk from our online shop.

Buying Guide for Electric Trolling Motors

The price of these products may vary when you check the online shop rates. However, you can avoid uncertainties and mistakes by ordering all the trolling motors you need from our company. We have invested a lot into ensuring you get trolling motors with excellent performance and at the best cost.

Here are essential tips to check when you are browsing any online store in search of these trolling motors:

Check the Cost

You should know the average price range for these products. This information will help you avoid overspending on the trolling motors. You can get a good idea of the price range by viewing several products featured on our online store. When you know this information you can plan a proper budget for your bulk order.

Check Functionality

Some trolling motor brands may be tagged as perfect for fishing, while others are suitable for both fishing and exploring the lakes. We think it is best to buy a versatile motor that can work excellently whether you are using a boat or kayak. You should also check whether the trolling motor can use shallow water anchors or if you need another option for anchoring.

Battery Power

While it is essential to use a trolling motor with a bigger battery, for more power, you should go for models that consume minimal power. This means it is a great idea to have a unit that comes with a 24v battery but consumed less power.

The low consumption will increase the duration of your battery work before you need to recharge or replace it.

Material Used to Make the Trolling Motor

You should focus on buying a motor that has durable parts. For example, it is best to use products with an outstanding electric outboard. Also, the material used to make the main pole should be stainless steel, which is extremely durable. Also, you should check the control handles to ensure they are sturdy.

Check Thrust Capacity

The thrust level determines how well your trolling motor will perform. You can find the thrust rating on the product web page or its packaging if you are in a physical store.

In addition to this, please note the speed range for the motor. This value is usually indicated in km/h, which you will see in the product description. If you have an idea of how fast you would like to go while using a trolling motor, making a buying decision based on the speed will be easy.

Another feature you should check is the horsepower rating for the motor’s engine.

Read Customer Reviews

Finally, study the inbox sign for customer reviews. This information will help you know whether other users have been having a great time pulling their boat with this electric motor.

Is Having an Electric Trolling Motor Worth it?

You will quickly realize that having a trolling motor is one of the best experiences ever, whether you enjoy fishing or simply cruising around the lakes enjoying the scenery and breeze.

It is easy to maintain a motor, and the electric outboard system is reliable, so no worries about changing your motor after a few months. The product lasts for a long time and it is suitable for pulling any type of small or medium-sized boat, or kayak.

Finally, you can learn how to use a trolling motor in a few hours, depending on your determination.

Product Category

Which trolling motor is best and how do they work? please continue reading about the different motors for saltwater and freshwater.

Light 24lbs Thrust Trolling Motor for Kayak

This is an excellent lightweight model for all types of kayaks. The mounting setup is simple, so you can fix the motor in a few minutes. The electrical outboard connections are secure because the best cable brands were used. Also, it has a remarkable thrust capacity of 24 lbs.

The motor comes with two propeller blades and gives the user speed control whether moving forward or backward. It is also powered by a 12v source, generating up to 256 watts. The motor type features a brush and it has a relatively quiet engine. This is an excellent product for pulling small dinghies and kayaks.

36 Lb Electric Outboard Trolling Motor

This 36 lb motor has an outboard engine and comes with a suitable steering function to control the kayak’s direction. The rugged design can navigate any lake even against strong winds. The shaft length is 30 inches, and it is made from stainless steel.

Also, the battery supplies 12v to power the 36-thrust motor. The output power is rated as 354w. This motor can pull a small boat carrying up to four people, without compromising its steering functions. Finally, the motor has a traction capacity of 1150 kg.

60 Lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

This product is one of the best among the stock online because it delivers a 60 lbs thrust. It is a heavy-duty purchase that can withstand any wind conditions while hunting fish. The product details are easy to understand.

The efficient lock system secures the motor when it is not in use. It is powered by a 12v battery supply, that propels a current rating of 57 amps. The control switch is located near the outboard engine, and it has a shaft length of 36 inches.

The shaft is made of stainless steel, which makes the product suitable for saltwater. It has an excellent prop that is weedless and can work with GPS support for any user interested in those features.

Best Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor

This model is one of the bestsellers of our brand. People are talking about it because of the quick installation and quiet engine. But does it suit everyone? Here are the features we advise buyers to check before making a purchase.

The propellers have the seedless prop design which delivers the right power to push dinghies kayaks and boats. Unlike other models, this trolling motor can deliver a high propulsion power of up to 715w.

It has a large-sized battery and the engine generates up to 3 HP, supported by a durable electric outboard. The gear settings are perfect for any course you follow on the lake.

Order in Bulk

Place an order for any of these electric-powered trolling motors by sending us a customer contact form you will find on the product page.

TRM-32/36/40/46/50/55/60/86 Datasheet
Length 111 cm ( TRM-32 ) / 116 cm ( TRM-36/40 ) / 130 cm
Height 48 cm
Broad 17 cm
Cable length 165 cm
Weight unpacked 6.5/7.3/7.5/8.00/8.70/9.20/9.70/10.1 (kg)
Packed weight 9.0/9.6/9.8/10.2/11.1/11.6/12.0/12.8 (kg)
Capacity: 32/36/40/46/50/55/60/86 (LBS)
Main material Aluminum + Strong Composite Fiberglass + Plastic
Information on cleaning wash with water after use in seawater
Technical Informations:
Power / Wattage 318/354/414/492/564/636/684/1164 (W)
Connector type DC
Nominal voltage 12V ( TRM-32/36/40/46/50/55/60 ) / 24V ( TRM-86 )
Power Source Brushed motor
Battery Cell Type LEAD-ACID
Sound level 1
Temperature max 50 degrees
Temperature min 5 degrees
heating levels 50-60 degress
additional functions Salt Water Use
operating mode hand control
Additional information:
Special Features Anti-corrosive
Colours black/white/red/blue/green (glossy or matte)
speed levels 8 (forward+reverse)
Coating special marine paint
Scope of delivery:
Included Components
1. Speed Switch
2. Propeller
3. Washer, Screw cap and Pin for Propeller
4. The complete head of the motor
Number Of Pieces More than 30 pieces by sea
Security system:
Overheating protection Yes
Age group 5-80
Certifications CE RoHS

Product Description

TRM series trolling motor, thrust 32-86 pounds; power 318-1164 watts; shaft length 72-92cm; control box has fixed — L type and up and down adjustable angle — S type; external voltage 12V or 24V, brushed motor.

The handle is made of ABS, the bracket can be adjusted up and down, the material is reinforced nylon, the middle bearing is carbon fiber rod, the wall thickness of 4.2 mm, suitable for salt water and fresh water use; the propeller behind the motor is ABS blade.

Battery selection

10 LED lights show the use of the battery. When the voltmeter only has three red lights on, it will beep, reminding the battery power is limited, and the power supply should be disconnected immediately to prevent damage to the battery and charge the battery in time.

Recommended use: 12V deep cycle lead-acid battery (86lbs use 24V), battery capacity is recommended to be more than 50Ah, two batteries can be prepared at the same time for extended use time.


Self-developed durable control switch; Super large coil and motor steering unit dissipate heat, extend battery power, prolong motor life, reduce friction to reduce noise. It’s so quiet that the fish don’t feel you coming.

The motor has the characteristics of anti-rust, high-temperature resistance, impact resistance, no water leakage, and durability.


If it is found that the propeller is entangled with debris such as aquatic plants and fishing nets during use, disconnect the power supply as soon as possible and remove the debris. After each use, wipe the machine with a cloth soaked in warm water. Be sure to check the propeller for weeds and regularly check all nuts, bolts and screws and moving parts.


2 years warranty for the head of motors, and the warranty for spare parts: about 2% of the total amount will be offered you free, if you purchase more than 50 pcs/design.


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