Spot Lock Trolling Motor

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The experts who have tested spot lock trolling motor on kayaks and small boats recommend them to everyone. These smart lock trolling motor are best for users who would like to navigate a specific area without getting lost or entering uncharted regions.

The spot lock trolling motor comes with an intelligent system that locks in on the GPS for that spot and controls the motor navigation to ensure your kayak stays within the locked zone. There are many advantages of using these lock trolling motor versions. Thankfully, you can buy the products in bulk.

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Variable Speed Trolling Motors

One of the top benefits of this spot lock trolling motor is that you get the advantages of using a trolling motor and the spot lock feature. In addition, you will be able to control the speed limit of the device.

The spot lock system delivers only as much power as needed to meet your needs, and you can choose from variable speed settings. For example, some of these motors have a five-speed system while others have speed settings up to eight-speed. These options allow you to control speed and enjoy unparalleled GPS accuracy.

How Useful is a Spot Lock System?

Depending on your settings, you have a wide range of operating options. Overall, you can have a pleasant and rewarding fishing experience or just cruise and enjoy the environment. Some of the top reasons why you should set spot locks are as follows:

Prevents Drifting

The spot lock trolling motor allows you to stay within a specific region, preventing you from the risks of drifting even if you are using a kayak with a foot pedal. The intelligent system control automatic settings are convenient and give you a better handsfree experience while cruising in a kayak or small boat with enough surface space to mount a spot lock motor.

Better Fishing Experience

You can find and lock a particular spot where you can use a universal sonar to confirm you can catch plenty of fish. The device can record paths and remember your previous locations, allowing you to set a lock on the location whenever you want.


Locking a GPS location is easy because the device is designed to be accurate. The manufacturers are always on the project to develop and improve new products with better features. This is why you should buy spot lock trolling motors from reputable brands that sell the latest versions.

Does the Shaft Length Influence the Spot lock Operation?

The shaft length can influence your device’s work and the navigation path when you lock a GPS location. The electric motor is high quality, and many people compare it to the i pilot. However, while you can control i pilot directly, you enjoy an automated experience with the spot lock device, which is better. It is important to know how to choose the best shaft length.

Based on engagement and site statistics, you should measure the distance between the bow and waterline when determining the shaft length for your trolling motor’s shaft. On average, the shaft length should be double the value you get after measuring the distance from the bow to the waterline.

Also, some trolling motor models come with a recommendation that is age appropriate if relevant. This allows you to decide which model is best for your kids. Overall, choosing the suitable spot lock motor with a proper shaft will help you find and leverage the most productive fishing spot and navigate at the exact speed you want.

Products in this Category

Several trolling motor products are designed with unique features that allow you to activate the spot lock. The quality of those services is flawless, with a heading sensor and other features that improve the spot lock location software.

These products come in different colors and operating capacities, so you have a choice to buy the models most suitable for your fishing or cruising needs. Here are some of the top-rated spot lock trolling motor brands in this category:

Fresh Water Hand Controlled Trolling Motor

This model has an excellent digital feature that boosts the battery meter, increasing usage hours in between each recharge. The makers have included a heading sensor that improves the navigating features, and there are flawless beginner tips you can search for on youtube, to improve user experience.

The motor comes in black and other colors. It is durable with an after-coat finishing that is resistant to corrosion. The navigation does not exceed three feet from the locked position, which is also based on the general location selected on the GPS devices. Also, this model has an indestructible composite shaft, which helps navigation and lasts long. Customer reviews for this product are excellent, and they always sell out.

Bow Mount Trolling Motor

The shaft on this trolling motor measures 72 inches. It is white in color and easy to use. The product is compatible with the i pilot software. It is compatible with a universal sonar system that allows you to detect the presence of fish in that part of the lake or river.

The gliding feature is smooth because of the shaft mount, and it comes with an easy-to-use telescoping tiller. It also has a quick-release lever lock that allows you to adjust the system when necessary, and the five-speed settings allow you to maintain proper boat positioning while the motor moves within the locked GPS position.

Electric Steer Trolling Motor

This model can support up to 45 lbs, and it is portable. The shaft length measures 26 inches and comes with a power drive that allows the motor to maintain a consistent speed a few feet from the GPS locked position.

The digital maximize boosts the battery’s strength and helps the motor maintain the set boat positioning on the control system. The multiple speed settings allow you to control speed and automatically navigate your preferred position. The system keeps wiring completely concealed, which removes risks of exposure, and the strong GPS receiver provides an assurance you can maintain google services while out there in the lake or river.

It is a hand controlled motor with a remote controller as an option, so it can track outages and protect the user from going too far from the shore if any mechanical or navigating issues arise.

Buy Spot Lock Trolling Motor in Bulk

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