Pontoon Trolling Motor

The pontoon boat is one of the best water vessels for the back saltwater trolling motors and back freshwater trolling motors. The boat weight makes them suitable for the best trolling motor and engine mount. The trolling motor can push a fully loaded boat weight, and the user can control its features with a wireless remote or steering control.

The trolling motors for these boats are durable, reliable, and deliver only as much power needed to navigate different marine conditions.

Regarding battery power, these trolling motors are super excellent. The batteries are perfect for all-day performance. When necessary, the user can find new batteries by selecting the best ratings according to compatibility charts, the boat’s engine capacity, and total weight. Most models have a digital maximizer, wiring guides, and several control options to save battery power.

What is the Thrust Needed to Pull a Pontoon Boat?

When searching for a pontoon trolling motor, you will find several models on the market with different thrust capacities. You will get the best results when you know how to select the pontoon trolling motor that delivers the correct thrust.

The best way to determine the thrust capacity is by calculating. You should divide the boat’s capacity by 100 lbs and then multiply the result by 2lbs to know the most suitable thrust. On average, for a regular-sized pontoon boat, you should use a bow mounted trolling motor with a thrust strength of 70lbs. When you buy from a trusted source, trolling motors are reliable and have worked for many years.

According to many pontoon boat owners, you can find well-designed pontoon boats that are stable and have enough space on the deck for the mounting location. This is why we think these boats are adequate for the engine mount trolling motors. Also, since the pontoon boat is quite affordable compared to other boat models, it is popular, increasing demand for these trolling motors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Trolling Motor for a Pontoon Boat

People who own pontoon boats will argue that will argue that the bow mount trolling motor is one of the best trolling motor models for the boat. But several factors can influence the final choice when buying from a leading trolling motor manufacturer.

The factors to consider when choosing a trolling motor are not so complex. However, you can save yourself the stress of buying a low-quality product by ordering from a trusted brand like ours.

We sell transom mount trolling motor and many other brands for pontoon boats. Our wholesale products are reliable and deliver excellent thrust to push the boat weight. Send us a customer contact form to order in bulk or ask questions.

Here are things to consider when buying the pontoon trolling motor:

Trolling Motor Thrust

You should buy a trolling motor that can generate the thrust needed to push your boat without any issues. You can find the thrust capacity on the product packaging. On average, the trolling motor should have a thrust of 55lbs.

Battery Strength

You need a deep cycle battery that works perfectly. It helps if the unit has a battery meter to allow you to monitor the capacity. Also, it helps to have authentic battery cables, marine battery, and digital maximizer draw.

Shaft Length

Always check the shaft length when you are buying a trolling motor. The length will determine if your trolling motor is ideal for shallow water anchors and if it can be sufficiently submerged. The details indicate the shaft length on the product’s packaging.

Remote Control Options

Having a bow mount trolling motor with remote control options is a great idea. These wireless remote features are convenient and match the size motor without needing extra power.

Care and Maintenance Tips for These Trolling Motors

Regardless of how much thrust your trolling motor provides and the shaft length, you will still need to care for it. Proper maintenance will help to prolong the lifespan of your trolling motor. Essentially, you should study the support back product manuals to know all about their operating modes. Then clean the thrust trolling motor after use.

Please repaint whenever you see signs of corrosion and select the best mounting location to secure these motors. Also, keep the battery charged and lubricate the moving parts. Finally, you will have the best experience when you buy your thrust trolling motor from an authorized dealer like our company.

Trolling Motors in this Product Category

There are several trolling motor brands in this category, which is great news because buyers can place bulk orders and get a variety of products to meet the rising demand. Some of these products perform excellently in terms of the pounds of thrust, while others have excellent wireless remote functions and shaft length.

Here are the top-rated trolling motor brands in this category:

80lb Thrust Trolling Motor for Personal Pontoon Boat

The shaft length of this powerful trolling motor measures 91 cm. It is best for navigating the lakes and can be sufficiently submerged after choosing an ideal mounting location on the boat’s deck.

The product comes with a combustion engine that can generate up to 3 max horsepower, which is responsible for the pounds of thrust. Also, this is one of the advanced trolling motor brands compatible with a fish finder, as recommended by the fish finder manufacturers.

The batteries produce up to 12v to match the 80 lbs thrust, and it works on a maximum current of 65 amps. These specifications account for the longer battery drains, which is best for anglers who spend long hours fishing or exploring the lakes.

The product weight is 13 kg, and it moves the pontoon boat at an average speed of 8 km/h. the LCD screen on the display panel is excellent so that users can operate the trolling motor at night. Also, the shaft length is entirely stainless steel, durable, and corrosion resistant.

72 lb Thrust Outboard Motor for Kayak

This trolling motor has a sleek design, which also makes it lightweight and easy to use. The package has a total weight of about 8kg, and it can push pontoon boats effortlessly, with a power rating of 720w.

The shaft length for this model is 30 inches, which is ideal for pontoon boats. The length also makes it easy to use the lift assist feature when fishing or exploring lakes.

Regarding battery strength, the unit is compatible with a digital maximize that boosts the battery power. Also, an 80AH battery comes with the unit, it generates 12v, and the unit works with an amp rating of 50 amps.

Control options for this trolling motor are seamless; users can navigate their boat without stress because there is a telescopic handle. This handle is sturdy and has an excellent grip feature, making the motor user-friendly.

Regarding thrust capacity, this model is rated at 72 lbs and can carry up to five people on the boat. The average speed attainable with this trolling motor is 9km/h, which is much higher than many other models for Newport vessels in the motor section.

48v Electric Boat Trolling Motor

This is one of the products under the pontoon trolling motor thrust. It is suitable for saltwater and compatible with transom mounts. The motor has the proper shaft length, which gives it the advantage of delivering the needed pounds of thrust.

It also has a sleek design, which looks fantastic, and can move at variable speeds, depending on the user. The I pilot feature works excellently when installed correctly, and the digital maximizer improves battery strength. The current rating for this model is 56 amps, and it works at a maximum efficiency of 80%.

This petrol outboard engine generates up to 9 horsepower and has several control options. Finally, the propulsion power is rated at 1700w, and the system has low voltage and start protection.

24 Volt Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats

The steering control system for this trolling motor is excellent because it comes with a tiller handle. The handle is sturdy and has the best grip patterns so that new boat owners can control the boat without stress.

The product is rated at 24 volts, and it has a current output of 54 amps. The power rating for this model is 1300w, which is ideal for medium and smaller boats.

The shaft length is 30 inches, which is best for controlling a fully loaded boat weight. Also, there is a battery meter, this display unit shows the battery level at all times, and the best battery cables have been used for all connections.

It is compatible with remote control features, and the support back product manuals provide other essential information for new users.

Moving at an average speed of 12 km/h, these trolling motors for pontoon boats are adequate for a vessel carrying up to 8 people.

Buy Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats in Bulk

Visit the motor section on our site to select and order these bestsellers in bulk. The lead time for the order processing is about four weeks, and delivery is fast. Send us a customer contact form to get started.



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