24 Volt Trolling Motor

Deciding on the best trolling motor is the best approach before you set out to choose and buy a model. There are many types and versions of trolling motors on the internet. You will find saltwater trolling motors and freshwater trolling motors. You can also find back saltwater trolling motors. So, knowing there are many options, you should decide what you would like to do with a trolling motor.

Knowing how to use the trolling motor will help you make the right choice. For example, you should consider factors such as:

The Power Source

You should find the type of power source needed for the trolling motor. Some models use two batteries, while others may use only as much power provided by one battery. Also, if you need more power, check the voltage rating to know if the device will work excellently with the power source you prefer.

The availability of a digital maximizer draw system is also excellent because it will help enhance power consumption for models that need more power.

Proper Shaft Length

It would help if you used a model with the proper shaft length that can be used similarly to the shallow water anchors. Also, it is essential for the trolling motor to have a shaft that can be sufficiently submerged, to propel the kayak or small boat as it should.

Spot-Lock Activation

If you plan to go fishing with your trolling motor, you should go for a model with a spot lock activation system. It is essential because the device can help the boat or kayak retrace paths within a particular area, and it will boost the capacity of your batteries.

Overall, you need an excellent trolling motor with a proper wiring system and shaft length because experts recommend submerging depths and the best motor that can last for many years. Your model should also be easy to install and have a GPS.

Is the 24v Trolling Motor Model Better than the Other Models?

The advertising messages you will find online all point out that the 24v is most suitable for beginners and expert users. However, it is best to have an objective perspective of the entire system to know if you should go for a 24v trolling motor.

The first thing to note is that the 24v trolling motor model delivers more power than the other models, such as a 12v trolling motor. It is essential to have a power source as high as 24v because it indicates the model can accommodate advanced features in newer trolling motor models.

The power output from a 24v model is higher than the capacity and performance level you may get with other models with a lower voltage. Also, even though you may need to power advanced features like a heading sensor, universal sonar system, or a spot lock, you will get a longer run time when using the 24v trolling motors.

According to the support back product manuals, the manufacturers indicate that users can leverage the buying guide to get more satisfaction while using a 24v battery-powered trolling motor.

Excellent Thrust

We also know that the 24v trolling motors deliver a higher thrust which provides the ability to move at a higher speed, and steering capacity, without the hindrance of strong wind currents.

The 24v trolling motors also have easy-to-find spare parts. You can buy parts from trusted online stores and have these parts delivered to you.

How to Estimate the Battery Runtime of a 24v Trolling motor

The battery of a typical 24v model should last for up to one day. However, this duration may differ depending on the battery type and the trolling motor you use. Some motors have several accessories that may drain the battery power faster. For example, a motor with a higher thrust could drain battery power faster.

The best way to know how long your battery will last is by charging the system until it is complete and setting it up for a whole day’s adventure in the lake or river. If you have to stay in the water longer, please carry a spare battery to avoid becoming stranded out there.

So, you should set a timer while fishing. Then you can determine how long the battery will last for a day or maybe longer.

Some models have two batteries which are great for the pilot system and fishing expedition. However, one good 24v battery can last as long as two mediocre batteries.

Also, it would help if you read customer reviews about the product. If you see that many other users are impressed with the product’s battery performance, you should choose that 24v trolling motor.

Trolling Motors in this Category

There are many options in this trolling motor section, and these products have a wide range of features. The products come with 24v battery power, and you can get an impressive thrust with the motor.

These models also have the capacity to support a spot lock system which is essential when you find a productive fishing spot. Some of these trolling motor brands are as follows:

Foot Control Trolling Motor

This is one of the BFC80 models ideally used for volt trolling successfully, and it has received fantastic customer reviews. The models with a foot pedal are an advantage for people who would like to have some form of exercise.

The thrust capacity of this trolling motor is excellent. The motor gives up to 80 lbs, and this puts the trolling motor among the top-rated featured products. Even with a significant thrust, the model still has an excellent steering capacity and control.

The battery that comes with this model is 24v, which is the best supply voltage for the best control and battery runtime. The battery also boosts the trolling speed, regardless of the wind in lakes or rivers.

This model also has an excellent wiring system powered by a maximum current of 41 amps, and it delivers power as high as 984w. Moving at a speed of 8 km/h, the model delivers up to 2.5 horsepower, which is excellent for better control and speed.

The weight capacity is 20kg, and the shaft length that comes with this model is 121cm, which is great for trolling motors.

100lb Fishing Kayak Electric Trolling Motor

This is one of the trolling motors with a 100lbs thrust level, which is super excellent. The power system has a circuit breaker that makes the electric trolling motor super safe for new and experienced users. It is as good as many other models and suitable for fishing because the motor automatically corrects navigating errors.

The supply voltage is about 24v, and it will not require a jumper wire because the battery is solid. The model also features a wireless remote, which is convenient and easy to use. Also, some models come with a foot pedal, which is an option for users.

The power system packs a maximum current of 55 amps and is compatible with universal sonar. The total power rating for this model is up to 1320w, which is great for systems with mega imaging features.

The motor delivers up to 4 horsepower, which is great for the batteries. According to the compatibility charts, the motor can move at a trolling speed of 9 km/h, making it excellent for a small boat or kayak.

Also, this model can propel a boat with a weight capacity of 14 kg, and the wiring system is neat. All conductors have been wrapped with rigid PVC, which protects users while the motor is in use.

The installation requirements for this model are simple, and the main pole length is a whopping 91 cm. It is made from stainless steel. Overall, the customer reviews are excellent, and the product works with a GPS.

24 Volt Trolling Motor for Boat

The buying guide for this 24-volt trolling motor indicates this is the perfect model for beginners and expert users. The pilot system makes it easy to control the motor, and navigation is easy, even if it is your first time using a trolling motor.

The 24v model is great for the batteries that come with the model and has an excellent thrust. In addition to the rated voltage, the unit has a motor protection system that delivers an excellent torque, matching the batteries.

This unit also delivers up to 1300w, making it excellent for a small boat. The wiring system is excellent, and replacements can be done quickly using the wiring guides. The unit has a circuit breaker, which is fantastic. Also, an I pilot system can be installed in the unit.

The shaft length is about 30cm, and the model features a telescopic handle which is excellent for Newport vessels. Using the model brings peace of mind because the 80 AH batteries have a durable charger.

The intelligent system allows you to connect GPS and the pilot system. You can find a video to learn more about the model and how it is one of the best motors you can use to fish.

24v Brushless Electric Trolling Motor

You can use this trolling motor for fishing because it has variable speeds and a weight capacity of 12 kg. The maximum propelling speed of this model is about 1200 RPM, which is excellent for proper control. The pilot system is enjoyable because the unit has a good thrust rating of 100 lbs.

The wires in the circuit breaker and power system are color-coded, which makes them easily identifiable. Also, the 24 volts battery has a durable charger for the NV series. It is one of the motors that can quickly propel a small boat. Also, the thrust output reaches up to 4 horsepower, and there is no risk of flipping because the trolling speed is balanced.

The unit is compatible with the I pilot system, making them comparable to the back freshwater trolling motors or a Minn Kota trolling motor. Also, the unit is compatible with a Humminbird fish finder, so anglers like this trolling motor.

Bulk Orders Available

You can buy these trolling motors in bulk. They sell fast and have an excellent profit margin. To find out more information about bulk orders, send us a customer contact form, and we will reply quickly.


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