Freshwater Trolling Motor

If you need a trolling motor that can take you anywhere you want to go with peace of mind; freshwater trolling motors are the best option. The motor is well designed with a special coating that prevents corrosion. It has an excellently designed shaft, and you can submerge it in the water to the perfect depth to allow proper navigation.

The cruise control feature that comes with these products is really impressive, and the featured results price will fall within a reasonable rate for bulk orders. We offer a limited lifetime warranty depending on the order details and agreement for bulk orders. Also, the aa batteries that can power these trolling motors last a long time, giving all users a fantastic experience while exploring the lakes or rivers.

How Fast Can a Freshwater Trolling Motor Go?

These battery-powered trolling motors work with a brushless motor and variable speed control, allowing the user to enjoy cruising on the lake. Many users ask about the speed control for these products, which is a valid question.

On average, you can go as fast as five miles per hour for a regular-sized motor that can handle up to 50 lbs. However, considering there are different types of trolling motors.

Overall, you can determine the motor speed by viewing the indication on the product packaging or doing an assessment based on the lbs range, steering functions, product size, and shaft length. The product size may also determine the motor speed and control system. If you decide to attach a spot lock feature, the speed can be regulated within a particular range.

Can this Freshwater Trolling Motor be Used In Saltwater?

If you want to go fishing, the trolling motor will work on saltwater, or you need a product with the right thrust. However, we do not advise you to use this motor in salt water if you can help it. We always think it is best to go the easy way and follow the manufacturer’s usage instructions.

If you particularly need a saltwater trolling motor, you should do a search on our site to find our stock products in that category. However, you should note that using a freshwater trolling motor in saltwater may cause the coating to fade quickly because of the high salinity level in salt water.

Choosing the Right Size of Trolling Motor

If you like cruise control features, note the important thing that can help you enjoy using these products. You should look for motors with autopilot features and a proper mount. Also, users are typically interested in a product with switch control and quiet technology, which will be helpful if you are going fishing.

You can also use a transom trolling motor in freshwater if you are an angler interested in hunting more fish. Also, if you are interested in doing some exercise, you should choose the models with a pedal, GPS, and intelligent electronics that will make your kayaking experience more enjoyable.

Trolling Motor Brands in this Category

The good thing about buying a motor in this category is the available options. You can find models that work with a foot pedal, durable batteries, excellent thrust, proper shaft, or autopilot, among other featured recommendations. But, these motors vary based on your preferences.

Overall, the main features are targeted at helping you have a good time fishing or just cruising around on the lake.

The top brands in this category are as follows:

Small Trolling Motor for Kayak

The coating on this small trolling motor is excellently done. You can use it for many years without worrying about the paint fading or corrosion. The mounting system allows you to position the motor on the side or at the kayak’s back.

The steering system is flawless, you can use it easily, and the seamless control system allows beginners to learn with this motor. The details on the customer product pages provide opportunities to discover whether the product meets your preferences.

It also has a 2-sp forward and reverse feature, which is convenient for anglers who want to use the GPS-enabled system for fishing. You have an opportunity to choose your preferred height for installation, using the bracket covered with reinforced nylon.

Overall, this model has an impressive thrust providing the power you need, which is in the range of 18 lbs to 20 lbs, and customer reviews are excellent.

24 LB Thrust Trolling Motor

The featured recommendations for this model make them bestsellers because many experts have tried them successfully. The motor is perfect for small businesses that need an excellent motor that sells fast.

The features vary based on other details suitable for beginners and intermediate users; these features include the 24 lbs thrust feature, which delivers up to 256w. The battery delivers 12v, which keeps the motor moving smoothly, and the downscan imaging feature works excellently.

This motor is perfect for a small boat and kayaks. And, you can find stock parts easily as replacements. The customer reviews for this model are excellent, making them the top-recommended trailing motors with a shaft length of 608mm.

32 LB Thrust Boat Trolling Motor S-Type

This is one of the trolling motors with a proper shaft length that measures 28 inches. The shaft can be entirely submerged in the water without worries about corrosion because the finishing on the exterior part is top quality.

It comes with cruise control and durable aa batteries, which deliver 12v. Other details include an output power of 318w, which provides enough thrust to cruise through the lake if you are using a boat or kayak.

This model is compatible with a wide range of electronics, and some versions have a pedal, which is also convenient for anglers who prefer the traditional operating methods.

The power settings and lbs mode make this motor adequate for two or three people, and it has a traction capacity of 1050kg. Overall, the motor provides an easy way to cruise, and the customer reviews are impressive.

Foot Control Trolling Motor

The foot pedal on this trolling motor is top quality, made with durable waterproof materials, so the pedal mechanism lasts long. The featured results price is reasonable, making them a good option for bulk purchase.

The customer reviews indicate users enjoy the features, and a quick search on the product pages allows you to discover more seamless features. The shaft length is 20 inches, and the main pole is made of stainless steel.

This motor can move at 8 km/h, delivering a power output of 984w. The supply voltage ranges from 22v to 24v, and the thrust output is 80 lbs.

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You can send us a customer contact form to order these products in bulk. The lead time is within three weeks, and we ensure fast shipping.


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