Kayak Trolling Motor

There are many ways to cruise on the lakes or rivers with a kayak, you can paddle or use a motor mount, but the most widely used method is a kayak trolling motor. The best kayak trolling motors can set your kayak at a steady speed, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and scenery. You can also buy fishing kayaks and set up any of the reliable trolling motors most suitable for the kayak.

But which model is the best kayak trolling motor? There are too many versions of these products online, so making a choice can be quite challenging. However, we have done the hard part for you by choosing the best kayak trolling motor from our product line.

Buying a kayak trolling motor from our company is the best decision because we sell excellently designed products with high efficiency and lighter motors. Most fishing kayaks have unique features that include storage space to keep the fish. Our models have these advantages as well.

If you are ever confused about the best kayak trolling motors to buy, please do not hesitate to send us your customer contact form. We will reach out to help you decide and place bulk orders for these kayak trolling motors.

What is the Kayak Trolling Motor?

The trolling motor is an electronic engine system built and designed to push or pull the kayak on a lake or river. The trolling motor works like a miniature boat engine, but it cannot be used for large-sized boats because of its small size and capacity.

The trolling motor is perfect for kayaks because it can deliver the right amount of thrust needed to push or pull the kayak forward. The control settings of this product also allow the user to move the kayak at reverse speeds.

Using the trolling motor is easy because they usually come with functional tiller handles that are designed to help users navigate the lakes. The tiller handles help define the direction of movement, so the user controlling the trolling motor can avoid obstacles or take a preferred course on the lake.

In addition, it should be noted that the trolling motor system for kayaks can also feature foot pedals. This means the user can use the manual control type to navigate the lakes and rivers while getting much-needed exercise.

How to Setup a Kayak Trolling Motor

Setting up the trolling motor is easy. You may have bought the electric trolling motors. Other models on the market include the outboard engine transom mount trolling motor, bow mount model, or the gas-fueled powerful trolling motors. Setting up these units is basically the same.

First, you need to read the user manual to know how the ideal trolling motor works. Then, you should confirm that it is an excellent trolling motor for fishing kayaks and fishing boats if you want to use it for fishing. You can also use the fishing kayak trolling motors for other uses, like cruising the lakes.

Next, set up the electric motor and brackets for mounting. The best position for installing the kayak trolling motor is dependent on the model. Some units are designed to pull the kaya forward. This means you set these units up in the front part of the kayak. On the other hand, you can mount the trolling motor at the back, so it pushes the kayak.

Using the mounting accessories should be easy, but you can refer to the user manual the manufacturer provides to get more information about installing the motor mount. Once you are done, it is time to test the trolling motor. Start the engine, and take the electric trolling motor for a pin. If it is a gas powered trolling motor, please ensure you have filled up the tank before testing the kayak motor.

Most trolling motors are easy to use, so you should not have many issues while testing out their features. Also, setting up the transom mount should be easy. However, do not hesitate to ask for professional help if you have issues while setting up the best trolling motors.

Is Having a Kayak Trolling Motor Worth it?

Some people may argue that using a kayak with traditional paddles is the best experience because they get to exercise a lot. But having a trolling motor for your kayak is an amazing experience. Agreed the kayak paddles or foot pedals are excellent for exercise, but there are situations that a regular kayak user will truly appreciate having their kayak trolling motor.

It is a double win for all owners because, with the trolling motors, the user can decide to go on a cruise using the best trolling motor or use the paddles whenever they feel like it.

Here are some of the top reasons why we encourage everyone to buy one of these kayak trolling motors:

Requires Less Energy to Navigate the Lakes

The average lake where you can use a kayak is very large. Navigating the kayak to different parts of the lake and back to shore is going to be a challenging task, even for physically fit people. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to buy one of these transom mount kayak trolling motors.

Having a trolling motor installed allows you to navigate the length and breadth of the lake in a short time. You can also explore difficult-to-reach areas and get back to the shore before the sun goes down. The tiller handles that come with the trolling motor mount are easy to use. Some of these tiller handles have extra adjustable features, allowing you to extend them. This makes it easier to navigate the lakes. Kayak anglers interested in using a fishing kayak will find it very convenient to use any of these trolling motors for bass boats or a kayak.

Fast Speeds

The trolling motors have different speed settings. The fast speed control feature is dependent on the trolling motor specs. So, if you need a model that moves faster, please research and study the product’s specs carefully. Using the electric trolling motor is an excellent choice because it comes with batteries trolling motors need for consistent voltage supply. However, other types of kayak trolling motor models can attain a reasonable speed as well.

You can find more information about the trolling motor speed on the web page or send us a customer contact form with your inquiries.

While the trolling motor propels the kayak or small boats at a fast speed, there is no worry about the boat flipping over. The trolling motor is designed to create a balance that keeps the vessel safe for all users. However, it is essential that kayak anglers and other users master the tiller handle controls so they can use the electric trolling motor correctly. Wrong usage or navigating methods can cause issues with the kayak fishing vessel.

Best for Anglers

Kayak anglers will appreciate the long shafts that come with most fishing kayaks. The shaft length allows them to use the electric motor to troll fish. Also, since there is a kayak motor, the angler can focus on setting up their lines and locating the fish with a fish finder. They can also use a spot lock to mark areas where they can catch more fish.

If the angler had to paddle the kayak fishing vessel while hunting fish, it would be more stressful. The trolling motor removes all that stress.

Various Options Available

Anyone interested in using the kayak trolling motor can test the different products on the market to determine whether they like the electric trolling motor or other options. Some people may prefer using the gas trolling motor or models with a transom mount or bow mount.

The transom mount for a trolling motor is usually installed on smaller boats. This is so because the tension collar holds the mounted motor at the perfect height. On the other hand, you will find out that the bigger kayaks are the perfect products for the bow mount trolling motor.

There are powerful trolling motors on the market that have caught the attention of users worldwide. Having the privilege of making choices among the favorite trolling motors is a good experience.

Complete Navigation Control

To enjoy the kayak’s maximum capacity, it is best to have complete control while using the vessel. This is what the best trolling motors offer. The control systems have various features like the emergency magnetic kill switch, a powerful motor, lever lock bracket, marine battery, long shafts, and many other excellent features that give users complete control.

The best kayak trolling motors are also easy to use, so no one will have to go through hours of training before they can use most trolling motors on the market. They will only have to learn about the three reverse speeds, reverse speeds, and forward speeds, as well as how to smoothly navigate the kayak in any direction they want.

Low Maintenance

After buying a kayak motor, there will hardly be a need to spend much money on maintaining the powerful motor. These products are ideal for propelling inflatable boats and small boats. They use enough battery power to leverage up to five forward speeds. And a new motor can generate more than enough power to reach eight speeds. These features are hardly any problems, even after using the kayak motor for many years.

Also, we all know lithium batteries last longer. These batteries come with most fishing kayaks. And the onboard computer is durable. The parts of the kayak motor that will be submerged are durable and have corrosion resistance.

Affordable Products

Regardless of how much power the motor provides, buying one of our kayak trolling motors is a great idea. We stock and sell the best models at reasonable prices. Buying them from us in bulk creates an opportunity to resell the trolling motor to end users at a reasonable price while earning a profit.

Kayak fishing is becoming a popular outdoor activity in all parts of the world. This has increased the demand for these trolling motors, so they sell out fast. For example, almost every kayak angler wants to have an electric trolling motor. Therefore, providing easy access to this product is an excellent opportunity to earn a profit.

Send us a customer contact form to inquire or place orders to buy the kayak trolling motor in bulk.

Carry Extra Stuff on the Kayak

The best kayak trolling motors can generate enough thrust to pull larger kayak models. This means you have more space to carry your stuff. This is good news for any kayak angler who wants to use the electric trolling motor on a fishing kayak.

There are lighter motors that provide the necessary thrust for small kayaks as well. The manufacturers often indicate the thrust capacity for the best trolling motor. This will enable the user to confirm whether the specs are perfect for their intended use.

Selecting the Best Trolling Motor for Kayaks

There are many good recommendations when it comes to choosing the best kayak trolling motor on the market. At the top of the list is the electric trolling motor because of its features. You will also find the gas outboard and saltwater trolling motors on the list of top recommendations. To get it right, we have created some factors to use as a buying guide for these products:

Product Performance

When choosing models to buy and stock, it is best to confirm the product’s performance. The end users will appreciate products they can use for a long time. They also look out for new features like wireless remote, on board computer, and cruise control, when selecting their favorite models.

Putting product performance first is a good way to avoid making a mistake when electing the motors for all kayak series.

Functional Features

Selecting a product based on the functional features will ultimately depend on the intended use. For example, some anglers only need to use the product for propelling their kayaks and catching fish. Others may enjoy the eight speeds and cruise control. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a product that comes with a wide range of exceptional features. Thankfully, most kayaks we sell have the best features all users like.

Also, it is a great idea to have a product that uses GPS-based range calculation for better navigation. This helps the user greatly.

Customer Reviews

It is a great idea to read the reviews written by customers online. This information will reveal whether the company has excellent customer service and if they respond fast to provide customer support. Also, you can tell if the products work as expected before making a decision. The customer reviews can be found on the seller’s website.

Some essential information to check when reading these reviews includes finding out if the power source has a long battery life, remote throttle, weight ratio, and you should confirm the top speed.


The product finishing will indicate how durable it is. For example, a trolling motor that comes with stainless steel shaft will last for a long time. This is because stainless steel has a high resistance to corrosion. In addition to having a solid bar as the shaft, it is great for the kayak series to have all the features every user needs to enjoy cruising with the motor.

Product Category

The following are some of the best picks when you need to buy the kayak trolling motor:

Lightweight 24 LB Thrust Trolling Motor

This small-sized motor has a shaft length of 608 mm, which is ideal for navigating lakes and rivers without worrying about weeds seizing the propellers. The unit provides a thrust capacity of 24 lbs, which is best for small-sized boats. The performance rating is excellent, and it can last for many years before needing any type of maintenance.

Also, the shaft length ends in two propeller blades that are responsible for pushing the kayaks. And the unit has forward and reverse speed control functions, which is convenient for all users. There is a 104mm handle, which makes it easy to control the motor while trolling. The handle can be adjusted according to the users’ preferences. The unit works with a supply voltage of 12v, and it gives out a power rating of 256w.

The product ships out in well-secure cartons, so it is safe to ship to all locations.

Small Trolling Motor for Kayaks

This is ideal saltwater trolling motor for kayaks. The engine capacity is about 18 lbs, which is impressive. The unit also functions with a supply voltage of 12v, and it delivers 192w, which is an impressive power rating.

The control features are seamless. It has an adjustable tiller handle that can be extended to reach 104 mm. The experience when controlling this motor is always pleasant because it has forward and reverse speed control features and a two-blade propeller submerged beneath the water. The brand has been certified safe for end users as it meets all the industry standards.

The motor type is the brush motor, which is excellent for this model, and it ships out in the ideal carton size that lowers the chances of damage while the product is in transit.

Saltwater Engine Mount Trolling Motor

This unit is like most trolling motors that rely on a power supply of 12v to function at its best capacity. The output power from the engine is 564w, which is ideal for the model. Also, it delivers an outstanding thrust of 50 lbs, so the model is perfect for propelling a small or medium-sized kayak or boat. The motor’s capacity makes it the best choice for owners of boats that can accommodate 5 to 7 people.

Also, there is a sturdy shaft holding the propeller blades in place. The shaft is made from stainless steel, so there should be no worries about corrosion. The shaft length is 92 cm, and it is long enough to mount the motor at the perfect height. This unit uses three propeller blades, so it can reach fast speeds. It can be used for small fishing boats because the motor delivers the traction of about 1450 kg.

60 Lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

This is an ideal electric motor for different kayak sizes and bass boats. The features make it a bestseller and highly efficient. The unit comes with a top-rated battery that supplies up to 12v. The current rating is 57 amps, and it generates an output of 684w.

The shaft length for this model is 36 inches, which is perfect for holding the motor at the correct height. The propeller has three blades, so it can reach three reverse speeds or propulsion. The traction rating for this model is impressive. At 1850 kg, this model can be used in versatile ways for fishing or just cruising around the lakes. The reinforced external parts make the model ideal for saltwater, and it is durable.

55 Lbs Thrust Trolling Motor

This is one of the best trolling motors for inflatable boats. The high-powered durable propeller has three sturdy blades that can cut through weeds in the water. The outer coating is black and painted to prevent corrosion. The unit can work with different battery brands, which is convenient. However, the power supply must reach 12 volts, with a current rating of 53 amps.

The shaft length for this unit is 36 inches. The shaft is perfect for trolling and holding the clip terminals for the led battery. The unit generates traction of 1650, and it is certified safe for use in any global location.

46 Lbs Thrust Electric Engine Motor

This trolling motor has a long control handle that the user can adjust for convenience. Since the user can extend the handle, it is perfect for younger or older users, who would not need to stretch to reach or maintain a grip on the handle.

The battery supply voltage is 12 v, and it works with 41 amps. The battery is reliable and can power the motor for up to seven hours. The thrust capacity is 46 lbs, which is great for pulling a kayak or small boat. The traction rating is 1350, and the motor can move in forward or reverse directions.

36 Lb Electric Outboard Trolling Motor

The unique mounting system on the shaft features two sturdy brackets. This means the unit will be firmly secured to the kayak after mounting. It has an impressive propeller that gives the kayak the push needed to cruise or move fast. The propeller has three blades properly built to cut through weeds and resist corrosion.

The entire shaft length measures 30 inches, and it is coated with high-quality black paint that prevents corrosion. The unit can generate traction of 1150, and it works with a supply voltage of 12v. The device is lightweight, so you can move and store it without stress.

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