Paddle Boat Trolling Motor

If you have a regular pedal boat or modified paddle boat, you can enhance your user experience by installing a top-rated trolling motor. Instead of using the wheels installed on a paddle boat, you should install high quality, reliable trolling motor for the paddle boat.

The paddle boat usually has a very shallow draft, which makes it suitable for navigating small or average-sized lakes or rivers. Different things like the intended use can influence the choice of trolling motor for the paddle boat, whether you need a trolling motor with more thrust or you have a Jon boat with foot control, among other reasons.

To help you make the best choice anytime, you search for the best trolling motors for your pedal boats. You should send us a message using the customer contact form. We have a variety of these outstanding trolling motors so you can find the best models to meet your market demand.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Paddle Boat Trolling Motor

Using the best trolling motors for paddle boats can make all the difference in your overall experience. Choosing a product that gives you top value for your investment is a good idea. Therefore, you should consider the following tips to help you decide on which motor quality is best for your planned activity.

Thrust Capacity

The trolling motor you buy must have the capacity to generate enough trust to match the size of your paddle boat. The boats come in different sizes. Therefore, you may not experience the same propulsion force when you install a motor with a lower thrust capacity.

You should always measure the thrust capacity against the paddle boats you would like to use. If the two values match, then you should go ahead to make the purchase. You can also read customers’ experiences to know whether that trolling motor is ideal for the paddle boat.

Paddle Boat Design

The mount design for some boats depends on the size and deck size. You should choose a motor that is best for the boat type. For example, you may need a trolling motor that pushes the boat from the rear. The best mount for this is the transom mount.

On the other hand, there are mounts for pulling the boat. These are bow mounts. So, determine which mount is best for your paddle boat before making a purchase.

Speed Requirements

You can find the best speed settings suitable for your paddle boat. If you would rather move faster while using a mounted trolling motor, choose one with more power and speed. The steering features are also essential for navigation.

Some trolling motors have foot controls for the pedal boat, while others have a handle to control the boat. You should choose the most convenient control feature for a better steering experience.

Propeller Blades

Some of these trolling motor models have two or three propeller blades. The models with more sturdy propeller blades can achieve a faster speed compared to trolling motors with only two blades. So, you should consider these features to buy a motor that generates more thrust.

Are Battery Powered Trolling Motor Models Best?

A quality trolling motor suitable for a pedal boat will work excellently when there are batteries powering the motor system. Any owner of a pedal boat powered by batteries will agree it is one of the trusted and most reliable power supply sources to keep the motor running. So, we can say you should consider buying a trolling motor powered by batteries.

The reason for choosing a battery as the power source for a trolling motor is that they hardly develop faults. Also, installation is easy because you can watch videos to know how the device works. Also, manufacturers promise their batteries can last for years and provide the best voltage without elaborate wiring.

However, you need the best power source for your paddle boat, whether you want to go fishing or on a slow cruise to enjoy the outdoors. To get the best battery replacement, you should read reviews users have written about the battery manufacturer.

Other power sources for trolling motor models are the gas powered engines, which are also reliable.

Product Category- Trolling Motors for Paddle Boats

We sell the best trolling motor models you can install on boats in any location. The design and product features enable these products to work in any location, and they have excellent features to steer the boat or kayak while you navigate the lake.

If you find it challenging to figure out the best choice among our product options, please send us a message, and we will point out the best features you should consider before making a purchase.

Lightweight 24 LB Trolling Motor

The unique design of this trolling motor makes it excellent for a pedal boat. The unit has a sturdy propeller that comes with two blades, which can move the pedal boat at a steady speed. The transom mounts on the shaft are corrosion-resistant, making it a great choice for salt or fresh water.

The shaft length is 608 mm and is made of stainless steel that lasts for many years. Also, the unit has a forward and reverse navigation control feature and an adjustable handle. The handle measures 104 mm when you pull it out completely.

The unit works with a power supply of 12v from the original batteries, and the power output is 256w. The trolling motor provides up to 24 lbs, which is excellent for moving the pedal boat.

32 LB S-Type Trolling Motor

The design of this model makes it suitable for use in any location around the world. The propeller features a sturdy fin and two blades that seamlessly allow the trolling motor to function. The shaft length on this unit measures 28 inches, which keeps the propeller at a height above weeds or debris in the water.

It works with a power supply of 12 volts and 26.5 amps, producing a total power output of 318 w. The unit has a traction power of 1050, and it can push a pedal boat carrying up to three people. The thrust capacity of this trolling motor is 32 lbs, which is excellent for pedal boats.

Trolling Motor for Pedal Boats

The white propeller blades on this model make it stand out from the rest. The two blades are corrosion-resistant and make it easy to steer the boat in any direction. The smart handle also enhances control. It can be extended to reach 104 mm, for moving a very shallow draft boat. The power output from this unit is 192 w, and it delivers more power with an 18 lbs thrust.

The mount is solid and holds the trolling motor securely, so the shaft that measures 608 mm remains steady while the brush motor works. The battery provides 12v, which is perfect for the engine.

55 LB Foot Controlled Trolling Motor

The construction design used to make this trolling motor allows the user have fun while using the foot controlled rudder. The motor moves seamlessly even when there is wind, and it is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the lakes or rivers. The 55 lbs thrust capacity is excellent as it can push the paddle boat or canoe along the user’s desired course.

The 12 v power supply and 45 amps provide a power output of 540 w. The unit also has a shaft that measures 121 cm, and it is made from stainless steel. The trolling motor can move the boat at 6 km/h, which is excellent for fishing.

80 LB Trolling Motor for Boats

This is a transom mount trolling motor with one of the best mounted features that hold the motor securely. Installing this trolling motor is easy, as you do not need to drill any part of the pedal boat. The thrust capacity of 80 lbs also makes it easy to maintain a speed of 8 km/h while fishing or when you want to cruise.

The shaft length is about 91 cm, and it is made from stainless steel. The construction design is solid, so owners should be expecting to use the mounted model for many years, making it worth their money. Finally, the engine’s power output is 780w, with a supply voltage of 12v and 65 amps, maximum current output.

100 LB Electric Trolling Motor

This trolling motor works with a supply voltage of 24 v and a maximum current of 55 amps. The power output from this 100 lbs unit is 1320, which is excellent. The powerful engine produces up to 4 horsepower, and it pushes the pedal boat at 9 km/h.

The shaft measures 91 cm, which keeps the propeller above debris and weed in the water. This electric motor is excellent for fishing, and it is easy to install and use. The long handle makes it easy to control this motor without error, making it suitable for beginners and experienced users.

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