What You Need to Know Before Owning the 36v Trolling Motor

What You Need to Know Before Owning the 36v Trolling Motor

The standard trolling motors on the market are 12v, 24v, or 48v, and the number of trolling motors such as 36v is relatively small. Because of its particularity, it needs some special batteries and wire equipment to power it so as to better satisfy your fishing and boating experience. What are the characteristics of the 36v trolling motor? These are what you need to know before buying. So next, we will use the common 48v trolling motor as a reference and compare the difference between 36v and 48v.

The first and most obvious difference is the difference in the voltage of the electrical source. The batteries available on the market are generally 12v, so 48v consists of 4 12v batteries, and 36v consists of 3 12v batteries: The power supply of the 36v trolling motor is made up of 3 12v batteries packs, 3 batteries are connected in series to form 36v. The power supply of the 48v trolling motor is made up of 4 12v battery packs, 4 batteries are connected in series to form 48v.

Because the applicable power of the motor corresponding to different power sources is generally different, the trolling motor models applicable to each power source are also different. Generally speaking, there are relatively few models suitable for 36v power supply, while more models are suitable for 48v power supply. It is recommended that you connect the main (starting) battery to the charging system for proper maintenance, which will help extend the life of the battery and ultimately save you the cost of buying batteries. There are some other differences between 36v and 48v as follows:

The price of a single battery is usually the same, so 3 batteries are cheaper than 4 batteries, and a 36v trolling motor is more suitable for a boat with small area because the volume of 3 batteries is smaller than that of 4 batteries. The same power trolling motor, the current generated by the 36v power supply and the 48v power supply will also be different. In terms of utilization, 48v will also be more effective than 36v, because the 48v current is smaller, and the loss is smaller. In terms of durability, 48v has one more battery and more capacity than 36v, so 48v can run farther than 36v under the same power.

Some people may ask whether 48v power supply can be used on 36v trolling motor? It can also be used, but the motor will not reach the rated speed, it will rotate very slowly and the power will be low. As long as the voltage of the power supply is the same as that of the motor, it can theoretically have any capacity. However, the volume of the power supply with a large capacity will also increase, which will bring inconvenience to the installation. Under the circuit of the overvoltage power supply, the rated power of the circuit itself will also increase, the motor will be overloaded and the service life will be shortened.

In the case of extremely fast power consumption of the motor, the controller will not increase the maximum speed, and the cruising range will not be affected much. With the voltage drop caused by long-term overload operation, the motor speed becomes slower, and the movement speed also decreases. Therefore, it is absolutely not recommended to connect the trolling motor to a higher voltage, which will make the motor work in an environment higher than the rated voltage, causing motor damage and eventually short-circuiting and burning the head of the motor, which is very dangerous, should try to avoid this situation.

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