Foot Control Trolling Motor

The foot control trolling motor is an excellent option for people who need a trolling motor that can allow them to exercise while navigating their kayak or smaller boats across rivers or lakes. These trolling motors have a similar operating process to other trolling motors. So you will not need extra training or experience to use them.

However, there are freshwater trolling motors mainly for those types of water bodies and saltwater trolling motors for deeper lakes or rivers with salt water. It is essential to identify which bow mount trolling motor is categorized as freshwater tolling motors or for salt water.

This information is essential because it helps you understand the care tips and how to make your trolling motor last longer. While the main idea when buying a foot pedal trolling motor is to get a durable and functional product, the back freshwater trolling motors are excellent for fishing in small lakes or rivers. Comparing prices, you may find that the back saltwater trolling motors are more expensive, but the difference may be insignificant.

Can I Add a Foot Pedal to My Trolling Motor?

For people who may have bought a trolling motor years ago and want to add the foot pedal control feature, this is possible, especially for the bow mount trolling motor. However, it is always best to buy the trolling motor with the original foot control mechanism. You can find dozens of bow mount trolling motors and other brands with transom mounts or a less complicated mounting bracket on our website. We sell the best trolling motor brands in bulk because wholesale deals for these products are highly profitable.

You can find products with bow mount features, the proper shaft length, wireless remote, convenient speed setting, and unparalleled durability. Please send us a customer contact form to order in bulk or ask questions about wholesale offers.

How do Trolling Motor Pedals Work?

Using a trolling motor with a foot control system is relatively easy, and it is an amazing way to exercise while navigating your small boat or kayak. While navigation is easy because you can steer the propeller and use a GPS to find your way around, new users must practice before heading out on their own.

Also, you can find essential information about using the trolling motor with foot control in the product’s buying guide. So, you put pressure on the foot pedal to move the kayak or boat. Turning the trolling motor on moves the boat forward, and you can steer right by pressing the pedal forward and keeping your heels up. To steer left, press the pedal with your heels while your toes face downwards. For easy control, you can glance at the trolling motor to see which direction it moves when you push the pedal with your toes or heels. And while the trolling motor works, it moves straight in a linear direction except if you want to steer it left or right.

Using a trolling motor with foot control does not mean the system cannot have a battery. The batteries essentially act like a secondary power source. So, if you ever get tired of using the pedal, you should activate your battery to propel the motor. It would help if you also understood that the wind and motor cable could influence your navigating experience, so ensure you are using a high-quality motor brand that won’t be affected by the strong wind when you operate the bow mount motor.

What Size of Trolling Motor is Best?

You need the best trolling motor to have an excellent experience, so always look for favorable features when buying. Choosing the correct motor for your use is easier when you know the thrust capacity per lbs. On average, the trolling motor brand you choose should have a minimum thrust of 2 lbs for every 1000lbs, giving your boat more propelling force. You can find that information in the motor section or send the brand a message about their products.

Additional Trolling Motor Features

Other features to look for including the mount type, which can be bow mount or transom mounts, wireless remote, shallow water anchors, and a directional indicator, quick release bracket, among other essential features.

Products in this Category

Buying any of these featured products is an excellent idea because they always sell out fast. These models have excellent batteries, and users can switch to the GPS or autopilot feature when necessary. Also, the motors come with product manuals, durable cable, and the best technology and controls. The models in this category are as follows:

Foot Control Trolling Motor for Boats

This unique trolling motor is designed to give you more value for money. The unit works without batteries and has a thrust capacity of 80 lbs, so that you can use it for a small pontoon boat. It has an excellent control center and a comprehensive buying guide for users who need more information about it.

The motor is designed to move at an 8 km/h, and navigation is easy because of the excellent shaft. The main pole of the shaft is made from stainless steel, which is super durable. The main pole measures 121 cm, which means it is long enough to be sufficiently submerged in the water. Understanding the wiring guides is easy because the system is simple, and it weighs about 20 kgs. The black painted coating will match the color of the boat, and steering operation is efficient. The motor generates enough power to match data on compatibility charts, and it is excellent for fishing. The accessories are also readily available from an online shop.

55lb Thrust Foot Controlled Trolling Motor for Kayak

This unit generates adequate power and speed needed to propel an average-sized or big kayak. The motor has an excellent shaft length to meet the recommend submerging limit, and the thrust capacity is 55 lbs.

Steering this motor is easy because it has a main pole that measures 121 cm, which matches the thrust capacity. Also, the shaft is made of super durable stainless steel. The unit weighs about 18 kgs, which is sufficient when it has to pull an average-sized kayak. In addition, the supply voltage is 12v, and this generates an amp rating of 45 amps. Prop and accessories are readily available, so no worries when buying parts.

Buy in Bulk

There is a huge demand for these motors and their support back product manuals. They can pull a boat or kayak effortlessly. Also, these units are ideal for fishing with a small pontoon boat. Visit our online shop and send us a customer contact form with your order details, and we will take it from there to process your bulk order.





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