Transom Mount Trolling Motor

If you have been wondering why everyone seems to be talking about the transom mount trolling motor, it is because this equipment makes the whole kayaking or canoeing experience much better. The trolling motor has gradually replaced the traditional kayak paddles. All you have to do now is seamlessly navigate your kayak or smaller boats through the lakes or rivers.

The transom mount trolling motor gets its name from the mounting position designed for the outboard motor. This is a flat part of the stern area where you can mount the trolling motor safely.

The trolling motor is a small device compared to a boat’s engine, so you know how much battery life it consumes. It is not too heavy and easy to use. And, you can control navigation with only as much power as needed.

The device works with batteries, so you can have peace of mind when using them with a solid battery. Then you can plan to buy the most suitable battery for the transom mount trolling motor.

Trolling Motor Energy Consumption and Speed

When buying these products, you should know certain features like how fast they can go and the energy needed to use them. Steering the kayak forward using a trolling motor, you should aim to buy a model that has a voltage rating between 20v and 36v.

This rating is adequate to keep the thrust level as high as 100 pounds, even if you have to navigate through heavy vegetation, and many of the models come with a five-speed setting.

How Fast can a Trolling Motor Go?

The back freshwater trolling motors and other models are designed to move at a speed that allows you to glide across the water safely. The propelling force for saltwater trolling motors designed for a kayak or canoe used by an average-sized human can reach a speed of five miles per hour.

This speed is perfect for anglers who would like to troll fish in lakes. However, for the maximum speed to be reached, it is essential to note that the weather and water conditions must be ideal. Trolling motors have different features, so it is not new that some manufacturers have enhanced their back saltwater trolling motors to make them move a bit faster.

Identifying the Correct Shaft Length

You will enjoy using your transom mount trolling motor better when you have chosen a model with the correct shaft length. However, knowing the proper shaft length can be challenging for new users who have bought transom mounts.

The shaft length helps improve precise control and other control options with the tiller handle. But it would help if you had the proper shaft length for better steering and the correct thrust.

To identify an indestructible composite shaft, you should do some quick measurements. Measure the distance from the mounting surface to the point where the trolling motor will be fixed, just above the water. Increase the value you get by 20 inches. This final value should be the best shaft length for your stock trolling motors.

Trolling Motor Section- Product Category

There are dozens of featured products in this category, so we have made it easy for you to decide without using a complex buying guide or compatibility charts. The motors have similar functions but may differ in features like the transom mounts. The transom shaft length, power, pull, and other stock features.

32 LB Thrust Boat Trolling Motor S-Type

This is an average-sized trolling motor with a reasonable max amp draw of 26.5 amps. The model requires a power prop from a 12v battery, which you can monitor from the battery meter. It comes with a six-inch telescoping handle, which makes the control options much better.

Also, the output power is about 318w, and the thrust is 32 lb, which is perfect for trolling motors on fresh water. The shaft length for this motor is 23 inches, and it can propel a kayak or small boat for two or three people. Overall, it has a traction of 1,050 kg and works with a wireless remote. The shaft is sufficiently submerged to propel the kayak or boat, and more information is available in the product manuals.

40 LB Thrust Electric Boat Engine Motor S-Type

This trolling motor works with a 12v battery and the output displays on the battery meter. This is a reasonably quiet power machine with support back product manuals. The machine has a traction capacity of 1,250 kg, and it is suitable for a boat carrying three or four people.

The output power rating falls at 414w, and the size motor system consumes up to 35.4 amps. The shaft length for this model is 30 inches, which is excellent for use as shallow water anchors.

There is a fully encapsulated electronics compartment to keep your gadgets and other components safe, and the wiring guides on the manual can serve as a direction for technicians who need to service the equipment.

55 LB 12V Thrust Transom Mount Motor

This model has a hand control operating mode and comes with a digital maximizer that makes its features easy to use. The well-designed parts are anti-corrosive, and the engine delivers extra power for a faster speed.

The additional functions include a suitable motor for use in salt water, and you can find the buying guide on our web page. The control system is seamless, and the shaft length is adequate for the recommended submerging depth.

The coating on this motor is finished with unique marine paint, and the care recommendations include washing with water after navigating the boat’s motors through sea water or lake.

The motors work with a 12V DC power source, usually a brushed motor lead-acid battery, and deliver a power value of 636w when mounted on a kayak or small boat. It comes in different colors, giving users options when they need to buy from the market.

20 LBS Electric Trolling Motor

This is a smaller trolling motor with a 20 lbs capacity. It is hand controlled and has a perfect navigating system that is easy to use. The shaft length is about 23 inches, and the motor finishing is done with paint that can prevent corrosion.

The power source is a 12v battery, which is compatible with a digital maximizer, and you can buy parts for this equipment from general stores online.

It is easy to mount this motor because it has the best fittings for the transom mounts on kayaks or a small boat. Also, the other fantastic details include a sturdy DC connector, nominal voltage, and an excellent overheating mechanism.

Buy Transom Trolling Motors in Bulk

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