GPS Trolling Motor

The GPS trolling motor is designed to make navigating a kayak or boat easier. The trolling motor is easy to use and compatible with android and ios devices. Some models of this trolling motor come with a wireless operation mobile app and wireless remote that allows you to control the features essential for the autopilot operation set. This is a reliable and proven product that can be used in different geographic locations.

You can find these trolling motor models with different features depending on the brand. It is a typical bow mount trolling motor or other models with a GPS spot lock and navigation feature. Some of the models also have the best electronic safety feature, or a foot pedal, which you can use to control the speed at the desired cruise control. While others come with a wireless foot pedal for max speed.

How Does the GPS Guided System on a Trolling Motor Work?

There is a huge demand for the GPS trolling motor because of its outstanding features, which you are about to read. The mount trolling motor has an easy removal system, which is convenient, and many customers write reviews that they like the wireless remote control speed settings.

The operation is similar to other trolling motor brands, but this one has a GPS-enabled system that can save locations. Here is how it works-

The trolling motor comes with a few encapsulated electronics, including the GPS. This GPS is connected to the shaft for smart navigation. You can find the anchor lock GPS on some of these products. However, other brands can feature different GPS systems.

The GPS is programmed to detect and save your favorite routes while navigating freshwater lakes. Some of these systems can store as many as 12 locations. The stored data makes navigating your boat or kayak daily on freshwater or saltwater lakes easier.

GPS Enhancing Navigation

This is a proven product that also enhances navigation while cruising on the lakes. The motors feature a remote anchor function and a remote secure cruise control system. These features allow you to control the features like anchor mode, foot pedal release, prop speed, and other wireless remote functions.

Digital gadgets for this trolling motor can vary, depending on the brand or user’s choice. You can find models with these trolling motors with a wireless handheld controller, while others feature apple watch controllers and other android and ios devices.

Reading information from the ios device’s record is easy so that you can view the saved locations and spot lock points on the GPS record.

Mapping Anchor Sites

The anchor mode is a unique feature that allows the user to save favorite routes. However, the GPS trolling motor may have some basic design principle instructions. For example, a trolling motor that stores up to 8 locations may have three or four of the spot lock functions dedicated to saving anchor sites.

It is always best to use a GPS-controlled bow mount trolling motor with the anchor lock feature to control the operation and deploy the motor correctly.

After-sales service

Using any of these wireless remote trolling motors can be quite confusing, especially for first-time users. This is why knowing the contact for a US or UK service center is a great idea. The after-sales service allows users to get help quickly when setting up their wireless remote trolling motors with a wireless digital foot controller.

We ensure our customers get the best support services when they buy any of these trolling motors in bulk. However, the wireless remote functions are seamless and easy to learn. So you can independently set up these trolling motors without stress.

How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor

This is relatively easy because the things you need to check, like battery power, spot lock feature, LCD backlight display, wireless digital foot controller, and all the necessary hardware, are indicated on the product packaging.

You should also ensure the shaft length is adequate to allow you to adjust immersion height in variable water depths.

However, the most important feature to check is the thrust capacity. You can find this information in the user manual. The thrust capacity is calculated per 100 lbs. Your trolling motor must have a 2lbs thrust capacity for every 100 lbs. So, if the capacity of your boat is 5000lbs, you should divide this value by 100lbs and multiply the result by 2.

The figure you get is the best thrust capacity for a trolling motor that best matches your boat.

Products in this Trolling Motor Category

The products you will find in this category have the same basic design principle, like spot lock and integral motor fin operations, and they have a premium build quality. These products are better than most models with a big price tag. Here is the best stock online:

GPS Saltwater Engine Mount Trolling Motor

This is a 12v powered GPS trolling motor that comes with a bright battery display and is excellent for both salt and fresh water. The product has a premium build quality and excellent finishing, making it corrosion-resistant.

Navigating the lakes is easy with this model because it has a spot lock and step-less speed control feature, which are reliable. The wireless remote anchor function is another cool feature that boosts usability.

The thrust capacity is 50 lbs, producing an output power of 564w. Also, the GPS trolling motor is best for a boat carrying up to seven people. The shaft length for this model is 92cm, and some models may feature the cast aluminum shaft length.

Finally, with a higher capacity battery and traction of 1450, this is one of the seamless trolling motor brands on the market with the same basic design principle.

80 lb Thrust Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats

The spot lock feature with this model is highly effective and has a remote secure location mapping function. The memory of this device makes it possible to store multiple locations, and it has a step-less speed control feature.

The thrust capacity of this model is 80 lbs, and it works with a 12v supply. The foot controller is an optional accessory that can be initially connected. Also, the apple watch controllers or android make navigation easy using the GPS system.

The main pole length is 91 cm, and the trolling motor moves at an average of 8 km/h. The main pole and quick release plate are made from durable stainless steel, and the manufacturers have indicated a recommended battery power for all users. Also, maintaining this model is easy because numerous serviceable parts are stocked and work with a low sound level.

100lb Fishing Kayak Electric Trolling Motor

This is one of the heavy-duty trolling motors for fishing or pulling leisure boats. The model comes with a higher capacity battery that keeps the GPS functions stable. The max speed you can get with this model is 9 km/h, and the engine has an output of 4 horsepower.

The main pole is made from durable stainless steel, and it has a length of 91cm, which reduces the risk of underwater impact. Also, the unit has an excellent spot lock feature which is highly effective for navigating and saving your favorite routes. Some models come with a propeller fixing kit, which is convenient.

Overall, the power output is rated at 1320, and it has a supply voltage of 24v. The customer reviews for this product are fantastic.

120lb Thrust Trolling Motor

This high-power GPS trolling motor has a thrust capacity of 120 lbs, making it suitable for pushing a drift boat or large kayak. It is one of the models you can operate with a wireless digital foot controller or wireless handheld controller. The navigating system is compatible with a wireless remote and wireless operation mobile app.

The maximum speed you can reach with this model is 10 km/h, weighing only 15 kgs. The main pole length is 91cm. It is made from stainless steel, with the same basic design principle.

The power source delivers 24v and a max-rated power of 1560w. The current generated is about 65 amps. You can buy any optional accessory that is compatible and has an average depth collar and footprint. Customer reviews are excellent, with many users appreciating the supplied standard.

30 Inches Short Shaft Trolling Motor

This is a top-rated trolling motor with a brushless outboard. The premium build quality is excellent, and it can be used on both salt and fresh water. The GPS control system is fantastic and has spot lock functions. The black mounting footprint is high-grade and can hold the equipment securely. Also, the unit delivers a thrust of 60lbs.

The manufacturers have added a unique motor protection system that covers the motor’s features. The shaft length is 30 inches, and users can adjust immersion height if necessary. The device has a fixed handle, which is sturdy and has a good grip design for easy control.

It is powered by an 80 AH battery and has an excellent battery display. The rated power output is 600w, and it moves with a voltage supply of 12v. The model can pull a boat carrying four to six people and has cruise control. Users can also request a propeller fixing kit with custom bulk orders.

Buy GPS Trolling Motors in Bulk

These units come with a recommended battery and smart navigation systems with GPS. They always sell out, making them best for wholesale orders. Send us a customer contact form with your order details, and we will respond quickly.



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