foot powered trolling motor, use more freely

Foot Powered Trolling Motor, Use More Freely

It is very desirable for many people to convert the trolling motor from hand control to foot control to make it more convenient to operate. On the boat, people are often very busy, and they can’t move their hands to do other things. At that time, it is great to be able to achieve the desired function with just simple steps of the foot. We use the boat with trolling motor to fish, definitely hope to enjoy the fun better, and we also hope that our control can run the way our expect. Through the foot-operated motor, there can be a better control of the boat, especially in windy conditions.

So what’s the effect of using feet to control? Basic functions such as increasing or decreasing horsepower are generally achievable, and some can also change the direction of the boat to make it more pleasant to use. With the foot pedal operated switch, you can interrupt the power supply without having to reach for or turn the handle, this will freeing your hands nicely. All these operations can be done by sitting and using your feet without standing up, which makes you feel more peace of mind and ease. Will it be difficult to switch from hand to foot control? In fact, this is really not a whimsical thing, in this era.

After understanding the relevant principles of conversion, it is usually not particularly difficult to implement the installation of a suitable trolling motor on board. Since trolling motors with different functions are composed of different accessories, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of each accessory before installation to ensure that it’s suitable for your boat. If you are not familiar with its characteristics, it is better to consult relevant experienced professionals. If possible, ask them to install it for you. After installing the foot-controlled trolling motor, you need to familiarize with the running guide to understand how to operate it before performing the actual operation.

Before each start, make sure that the main power switch at the foot pedal is in the on position. There is generally a directional arrow on the head of the trolling motor, representing the direction in which the boat will travel. With different forces on the pedal, trolling motor orientation will be different, and through continuous practice, you will master this control technology skillfully. The multi-function foot pedal with smooth stable output power and easy simple speed regulation, after configuring it according to your habits, you can quickly switch to the desired mode with just a few foot movements.

In the process of using, you need to pay attention to the excessive use, and try not to exceed the load of the motor and the battery itself. When the hull is moving, try not to let the position of trolling motor easily change on the boat, which can reduce the consumption of battery and will not scare the fish. In the process of driving, you may encounter some vegetation in the water. At this time try not to increase the power to force through. It is better to pull the motor out of the water and manually remove the weeds entangled on the propeller, which can reduce the wear and tear of the motor itself and its parts, prolong the service life.

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