Bow Mount Trolling Motor

You should get the bow mount trolling motor if you want an exceptional navigation experience cruising across a lake or river while fishing. It is the perfect trolling motor for a small boat or larger types of kayaks. The bow mount trolling motor is also easy to use and suitable for different seasons, so you can use it for hunting fish all year round.

Essentially, the bow mount trolling motor is in the category of saltwater trolling motors that you set up at the front of your boat, called the bow. This trolling motor gives you the feeling of navigating the boat from the front.

Difference Between the Bow Mount and Other Trolling Motors

There is a massive demand for this type of trolling motor because it is easy to use. The main distinguishing feature that makes the trolling motor stand out is that you set it up and install the motor on the bow in front of the boat.

On the other hand, you will need to set up and install other trolling motors like the transom mounts at the back of your boat or kayak. So, while the bow mount trolling motor propels the boat forward smoothly, you will not get to experience the lurching motions that often happen with other trolling motor brands.

Mounting the Trolling Motor on the Boat

Setting up the trolling motor on the bow mount is relatively easy, so you can do it yourself with the right tools. However, we advise you to hire an expert if you do not have the experience.

The first thing to do is set up and assemble the trolling motor. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the user manual to complete this part of the task. Next, you should assess the bow rail on the boat or kayak with the right gear. You can confirm whether the bow rail is wide enough to support the mount.

Then, you can mount the motor with secure bolts, nuts, and other fastening accessories provided in the product package. Take the boat out to test your new trolling motor.

Why Use a Bow Mount Trolling Motor?

It would help if you bought these trolling motors from us in bulk for many reasons. The high demand is at the top of the list of reasons for investing in them. These trolling motors always sell out. This makes them an excellent investment that yields an impressive profit.

Also, the bow mount motors allow you to enjoy the best maneuverability. This enhances user experience in areas like the steering functions and control. In addition to that, since the motor pulls the kayak, you can easily control the speed.

We should also note that shipping fees for these products are reasonable and compatible with different accessories like GPS, transducer, wireless remote and i pilot, etc.

Bow Mounted Trolling Motor Depth

The shaft length varies when you compare different types of trolling motor brands. However, a standard depth should guide you when choosing your brand for big or smaller boats. On average, the depth of your main pole should not be less than 12 inches below water level.

At this depth, you can be sure that the device will deliver only as much power as needed, and you can control the speed using the wireless remote or foot pedal.

Product Models in this Category

The bow mount option has gained popularity like other standard models like the transom mounts. The models pack enough battery power and give precise control speed when cruising on the lake.

Here are the top products in this category:

Foot Control Trolling Motor

This trolling motor has a simple and practical design and sturdy accessories needed to install the motor on the bow mount. The motor has a thrust capacity of 80 lbs and seamless control options. You can use the foot pedal to control speed and move at a cruise level to avoid disturbing the fish.

The mount motors work effortlessly because the supply voltage is 24v, and the unit delivers up to 41 amps. On average, the boat or kayak moves at an average speed of 8 km/h, and the weight is 20 kgs.

The control and steering options are easy because the unit works with the main pole measuring 121 cm, and it is made of stainless steel, which is durable. Also, the outer coating for the motors is anti-corrosive, and the customer reviews indicate shipping is fast for bulk orders.

55 lb Thrust Foot Controlled Trolling Motor Kayak

This model is compatible with different accessories making it one of the models with several unique features. The mounting requirements are simple, and you can fix it on the boat’s deck in a few minutes.

With a thrust capacity of 55 lbs, this motor is the best option to navigate the lakes regardless of wind. The mount holds firm, which gives peace of mind, and the voltage supply is 12v. The unit is compatible with autopilot wireless remote systems. Also, the battery power is impressive.

The main pole measures 121 cm and is made of stainless steel, lasting many years. The product weight is about 18 kgs, and it moves at an average speed of 6 km/h even when using the autopilot wireless remote system. They are also suitable for canoes, which require minimal navigation ability.

Overall, the customer reviews are excellent, and you can purchase these models in bulk.

Saltwater Trolling Motor

Mounting this trolling motor is easy because it does not require a prop and has a seamless operation. The motor can pull boats with average-sized shaft length and support the weight of two occupants, with one bringing the copilot. Since it is a saltwater trolling motor, the engine part is protected, and the unit is compatible with autopilot systems.

The customer reviews are excellent. Many people are impressed with the battery life. Also, there is no need for cords to secure the engine.

Bulk Sales Available

You can search for the best model and place bulk orders on our site. Check features like the shaft size, gear, and thrust capacity. Then send us a customer contact form to place an order.


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