Remote Control Trolling Motor

Having a wireless remote control trolling motor is the best experience ever, especially if you plan to visit a fishing spot often. The remote control system is suitable for RC electric motor models, and these handheld remote control devices are convenient for daily use.

The remote control trolling motor works like other models, with similar operating functions. Still, the difference is that users can move the boat or kayak without touching the tiller handles on the trolling motor.

Operating Modes for a Trolling Motor with Wireless Remote Control

One of the unique features of the remote control trolling motors is that you can use the handheld remote control to perform all of its functions. For example, you can control speed. Expert operators of trolling motors will confirm that maintaining smooth speed control is the best skill to have when using these motors. And wireless remote devices can be used for that purpose. Also, some of the wireless controller models can start the trolling motor’s engine and activate the digital foot controller.

The seamless operating features of this wireless controller make it a good fit for kayaks and the inflatable boat. Also, the wireless controller is designed to allow the user to navigate smoothly, turning the boat or kayak left, right, or maintaining a cruise while navigating bends on the lake. Also, these systems are suitable for the standard I pilot and cruise control, whether you are using a boat or kayak. Finally, the wireless controller has functions you can use to stop the trolling motor. This means it will be compatible with systems that have the spot lock feature.

Are Handheld Remote Control Devices Secure?

These small-sized electric trolling control devices are easy to use and require minimal battery power. The electronic circuit is quite simple, so no worries about complicated programming before you can use it to allow the trolling motor to run. But are they secure?

The simple design lowers the chances that anyone will want to hack and remotely control the trolling motor for criminal purposes. After all, these motors are used on kayaks and boats for leisure or fishing.

Also, since the remote control devices can be used for electric trolling and maintain smooth speed control, they lower the chances of overspending. The devices are, however, small-sized and should be held firmly to prevent them from falling into the river or lake. Some manufacturers claim their devices are waterproof, but keeping the remote control away from water is best, so its functions are not disrupted. If any issues arise, or you have reason to suspect the remote control has been compromised, you can have it checked at a licensed US or UK service centre. For more information about the manufacturer’s warranty, viewing product detail pages to learn more about its electronic safety feature is a great idea.

Do Wireless Remote Control Units Cause False Starts?

It is very unlikely that your remote control unit could be the reason why the trolling motor engine gives signs of false starts. The wireless remote control unit works based on the engine’s condition. Therefore, manufacturers provide featured recommendations that include checking the engine routinely to ensure it is working correctly. False starts are usually an indication of underlying issues with the trolling motor. So you should not blame the remote control unit.

Buying Guide for a Remote Control Trolling Motor

There are many things to check when buying these brands of trolling motor online. You should assess the battery power, foot pedal, shaft length, and motor depth, among other advanced features like the digital foot controller or I pilot system.

Overall, you should find the maximum thrust specification for a trolling motor that meets your needs. There is no need to go for the products with only a big price tag because you can find affordable trolling motor brands that can do everything you want, even with the remote control feature.

We always suggest it is best to read the customer reviews for the particular trolling motor brand you want to buy in bulk. Our products have performed excellently on the market, so we advise you to buy from us. We sell all types of trolling motors with remote control functions and spot lock. Send us a customer contact form to order in bulk.

Products in the Remote Control Trolling Motor Category

There are many options to choose from when you are investing in these bestselling trolling motors. They are always in demand because the products have serviceable parts and quick maintenance, maximizing time. Also, they come with the best battery brands for power to achieve speed and cruise control in variable water depths. These are the top brands you will find under this category of trolling motors:

24 Volts Electric Trolling Motor

The transom mount design of this model has a level lock adjustable depth collar which is perfect for reaching variable water depths to catch more fish. The remote control feature is seamless. It allows the user to move this motor at different speeds to find the best fishing spot.

This model is one of the featured recommendations on several blogs because it is excellent for fishing or leisure cruises on the lake. The battery power is excellent because the unit works for long hours with a single battery charge. The battery power supplies 24v, which compliments the rated amp. The output power is rated at 1164w, which is ideal for pushing boats that require an average of 86lbs thrust power.

Also, since it has a shaft length of 121cm, the motor depth is adequate and prevents underwater impact. The shaft length is entirely stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and beautiful to look at. Customer reviews for this trolling motor are positive. Everyone that has bought them has good things to say about these bestsellers.

Biggest 12v Trolling Motor

This is a big-sized silent 12v trolling motor with one of the best remote control features on the market. The seamless remote control feature allows users to maintain speed control while steering the boat. The product warranty is also customer friendly and increases buyers’ confidence.

Using the control unit is easy because it has a unique LCD backlight display, and the integral motor fin works excellently. The operating distance is wide enough to allow the user to sit in any position on the boat while maintaining speed control with the remote device. When steering, it can start, stop, or turn the boat left or right. The shaft is made of stainless steel, which is adequate for freshwater or salt water. Also, the battery power needed to maintain max speed while you are electric trolling is only 12 volts. The unit also works with a current output of 57 amps.

The shaft measures 36 inches and is perfect for an adjustable depth collar to adjust immersion height when necessary. This motor generates traction of 1850 kg, and it has a durable motor that can last for many years.

60 Lbs Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

This motor has a premium build quality, remote secure features, and the perfect bow mount-ready design. It has serviceable parts and a powerful battery. 

The remote controlled unit works with a battery input of 12 volts and 57 amps. The unit can pull a pontoon boat carrying up to six people. Also, it has a shaft that measures 36 inches and is made from stainless steel, which is perfect for fresh water and salt water. It has a thrust rating of 60 lbs.

Also, the prop speed feature prevents microorganism growth on the motor blades, while any optional accessory can be fitted to the unit to enhance performance. The silent engine matches the premium build quality, and the motor can pull the pontoon boat at a safe speed without scaring fish.

55 lbs Electric Trolling Motor

This trolling motor unit has one of the best remote control features. The remote control unit is portable and easy to grip. It is secure because you can use the supplied lanyard to keep it from falling into the water. The remote control unit works perfectly from any distance within the boat, and there are hardly any worries about interferences while using it to control the transom mount.

The shaft is made from stainless steel and is also protected from corrosion because there is a sacrificial anode in the system. The shaft allows the motor to work at variable water depths, and the motor is protected by prop speed, which prevents algae growth. The battery that powers this motor has a 12 volt rating. This moves the 55 lbs thrust motor at a cruise speed.

The boat suitable for this motor can accommodate up to six people because the motor has a traction rating of 1650 kg. This is a top rated product with excellent reviews online.

Buy Remote Controlled Trolling Motors in Bulk

Whether using a foot pedal for foot control or the remote speed control system, trolling motors are a must have for anglers or people who like spending time exploring the lakes. The remote control units make it easier to use these motors to pull a boat or kayak.

You can order these products in bulk, send us a customer contact form to know more, or place your order.


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