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What is Sail Yacht

What is Sail Yacht

Sailing yachts are boats powered by sails. Some modern sailing boats are also equipped with auxiliary mechanical power to improve the maneuverability and safety of sailing boats.
Sailing is an ancient means of water transportation, which originated in the Netherlands in the 16-17th century as an entertainment project. In the 19th century, Britain, the United States and other countries set up sailing clubs, in addition to self-driving tours, they also held various competitions. In 1851, Britain and the United States held the first sailing race across the Atlantic Ocean, and the American sailboat “America” ​​won the championship trophy. In 1857, people took this as an opportunity to create the “America’s Cup International Regatta”, which became the world’s most prestigious sailing competition. Navigators or sailing enthusiasts in the world are proud to be able to participate in sailing competitions.
Sailing and nautical sports are aquatic recreational sports that integrates entertainment, viewing, expedition, competition, technology and skill.
Modern sailing and sailing have become one of the most common and popular leisure sports activities in coastal countries and regions in the world, and it is an important channel for people from all over the world to carry out cultural exchanges.
There are four categories of sailing boats, keel boats, steady-steel boats, multihulls and windsurfing. Keel boats are divided into single eaves and multiple combs. Generally speaking, keel boats have large displacements, complex structures and high prices. They require multiple maneuvers and are suitable for long-distance sea competitions and open sea explorations. The hulls of keel sailboats are mostly more than 10m, with cabins and other facilities similar to yachts, which are suitable for long voyages and leisure. The characteristic of the stabilization board is that the underwater stabilization part is adjustable. Its maneuvering is more complicated. It mainly relies on grasping the sail rope to control the sail direction and steering the rudder to adjust the speed. The crew often sits out of the ship and leans back to help maintain The balance and speed of the ship.

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