CLT propeller

What is CLT Propeller

The CLT propeller has a wide blade tip and an end plate.

Based on the wake contraction principle of the propeller, the diameter of the blade is reduced correspondingly along the edge, and the end plate is located on the pressure surface of the blade tip, and the shape is consistent with the shape of the flow tube of the propeller disk.

This increases the water flow of the propeller, which in turn increases the propeller thrust.

In addition, the existence of the end plate separates the pressure field before and after the blade, avoiding the mutual interference of the pressure between the front and rear of the blade at the tip of the blade, so that the entire blade maintains a large pressure difference and improves the propulsion efficiency.

Unlike the ordinary propeller, it has many advantages: fuel consumption is greatly reduced, which greatly improves the propulsion efficiency; maneuverability is significantly increased, reducing the original stopping distance and turning radius; hull stability Significantly improved.

CLT propeller

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