4 Stroke Outboard Motor

Model: GSM-F2.5~F20 Category:

Product Description

Model GSM-F2.5 GSM-F5 GSM-F6 GSM-F9.9 GSM-F15 GSM-F20
Max.Output(kw) 1.8 3.6 4.4 7.2 11 14.7
Full Throttle Operating Range(rpm) 5250-5750 4500-5500 4500-5500 4500-5500 4500-5500 4500-5500
Stroke 4 4 4 4 4 4
Cylinder 1 1 1 2 2 2
Displacement(cc) 72 112 139 212 345 345
BorexStroke(mm) 54*31.5 59*41 62*46 56*43 61*59 61*59
Length×Width×Height(mm) 623*345*1021 S:717×361×1029 S:1041×750×333 S:1038×360×1017 S:1000×427×1080 S:1000×427×1080
L:717×361×1156 L:1170×750×333 L:1038×360×1144 L:1000×427×1207 L:1000×427×1207
Length×Width×Height(inch) 24.5*13.6*40.2 S:28.2×14.2×40.5 S:41.0×29.5×13.1 S:40.9×14.2×40.0 S:39.4×16.8×42.5 S:39.4×16.8×42.5
L:28.2×14.2×45.5 L:46.1×29.5×13.1 L:40.9×14.2×45.0 L:39.4×16.8×47.5 L:39.4×16.8×47.5
Weight(kg) S:17 L:18 S:22 L:23 S:27 L:28 S:41.6 L:43 S:53 L:54 S:53 L:54
Weight(lb) S:37 L:40 S:48 L:51 S:60 L:62 S:92 L:95 S:117 L:119 S:117 L:119
Gear Ratio 27:13(2.08) 27:13(2.08) 27:13(2.08) 27:13(2.08) 27:13(2.08) 27:13(2.08)
Gear Shift Position F-N F-N-R F-N-R F-N-R F-N-R F-N-R
lgnition System TCI TCI TCI CDI CDI CDI
Cooling System Water-cooling Water-cooling Water-cooling Water-cooling Water-cooling Water-cooling
Starting System Manual Manual Manual Manual & Electric start Manual & Electric start Manual & Electric start
Control System Tiller control Tiller control Tiller control Tiller & Remote control Tiller & Remote control Tiller & Remote control

GSM 4-stroke outboard motors are paying high attention to the anti-corrosion issue of motors and are dedicated to researching and developing a method to improve outboard anti-corrosion systems.

GSM 4-stroke series have applied advanced anti-corrosive painting technology in the industry to make improvements in material pre-treatment, painting formula, the thickness of paint, etc.

It has been proven that the lifetime of GSM 4-stroke outboard motors has reached international standards in the industry.

GSM 4-stroke series features:

1. Truly six layers of paint, good corrosion resistance.

2. Using the US brand PPG paint, more beautiful exterior.

3. Water cooled and thermostatically controlled cooling system for consistent engine temperature.

4. Digital TCI ignition system for easier starting, quicker throttle response, and smoother trolling.

5. Forward-neutral shifting with 360° steering.

6. Easy to check oil level gauge indicator located on the engine’s side.

7. Light and compact.

8. Convenient carrying handle.

9. CE approved.

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