55 lb Thrust Foot Controlled Trolling Motor for Kayak

foot controlled trolling motor on kayak.

Product Description

BFC series, bow mount foot control, anti-collision pedestal, CVT step-less speed change, multi-function foot pedal, Anti-winding propeller, maintenance-free underwater motor.
High-efficiency motor / more power saving / long-lasting life

Product Parameters
Model BFC54
Thrust (LBS) 55
Supply voltage (V) 12
Maximum current (A) 45
Power (W) 540
Comparison with traditional internal combustion engine (HP) 1.5
Speed (km/h) 6
Weight (KGS) 18
Main pole length (CM) 121
Main pole material Stainless steel
Note: speed varies according to ship type

High-efficiency motor unit

Quiet and stable operation / Easy to deal with water obstacles / Made of high-strength plastic

Anticollision gemel mount

The sudden impact of external force, collision with anti-collision buffer block of seat platform to reduce stress and avoid machine damage

LED direction/power indicator

Display the working voltage of the electric push, and provide the reference of electric quantity accurately at any time

High strength stainless steel

With the new assembly mechanism, it has higher rigidity and considerable toughness at the same time

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