Trolling Motor

Product Description

TRM series trolling motor, thrust 32-86 pounds; power 318-1164 watts; shaft length 72-92cm; control box has fixed — L type and up and down adjustable angle — S type; external voltage 12V or 24V, brushed motor.

The handle is made of ABS, the bracket can be adjusted up and down, the material is reinforced nylon, the middle bearing is carbon fiber rod, wall thickness of 4.2 mm, suitable for salt water and fresh water use; the propeller behind the motor is ABS blade.

Battery selection

10 LED lights show the use of the battery. When the voltmeter only has three red lights on, it will beep, reminding the battery power is limited, and the power supply should be disconnected immediately to prevent damage to the battery and charge the battery in time.

Recommended use: 12V deep cycle lead-acid battery (86lbs use 24V), battery capacity is recommended to be more than 50Ah, two batteries can be prepared at the same time for extended use time.


Self-developed durable control switch; Super large coil and motor steering unit dissipate heat, extend battery power, prolong motor life, reduce friction to reduce noise. It’s so quiet that the fish don’t feel you coming.

The motor has the characteristics of anti-rust, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, no water leakage and durability.


If it is found that the propeller is entangled with debris such as aquatic plants and fishing nets during use, disconnect the power supply as soon as possible and remove the debris. After each use, wipe the machine with a cloth soaked in warm water. Be sure to check the propeller for weeds and regularly check all nuts, bolts and screws and moving parts.


2 years warranty for the head of motors, and the warranty for spare parts: about 2% of the total amount will be offered you free, if you purchase more than 50 pcs/design.


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