Kayaking Makes us Healthier

In American, it has become a way of life to go kayaking to spend the weekend. A lot of kayaks are placed in the parking area, it looks spectacular. Kayaking is generally considered to be a very competitive competitive sport. In fact, it is also a leisurely outdoor project. Nowadays, many ordinary people, especially outdoor sports enthusiasts, are especially obsessed with this sport.

Kayak is not only easy to carry, but also cheap and easy to handle. It will be fun when you sit on it. It is different from other rowing machines in the gymnastics, which is really water sports, enjoying the nature at the same time. Moreover, the exercise is very helpful for the waist, arms, shoulders and back, especially for the balance and coordination. What can the kayak bring us?

1.Regularly participate in kayaking

It can effectively enhance the functions of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Increase lung capacity and develop muscle strength and endurance.

2.Kayaking exercise can exercise physical coordination

The movement of the kayak is to transmit the force to the limbs through the muscle groups around the lumbar-pelvis-hip joint, and it is necessary to make the whole body coordinate and exert force, and rely on the rotation of the hip joint to drive the waist force on the paddle.
It is necessary to keep the kayak moving smoothly and smoothly on the water in a very unbalanced state. This kind of challenge fully exercises the coordination and balance of the limbs.

3.Kayaking is the most effective back bodybuilding exercise

A person with a thin body, with a prominent shoulder blade, looks very unattractive because the muscles in the upper part of the back are too weak. Some people in normal life will have chest hunchbacks, and some spinal discomforts are associated with insufficient back muscle strength. Participating in kayaking can shape the beautiful back and is also very suitable for women.

4.Kayaking to promote focus on development

In sports, the combination of strength and technical movement is required, which requires the athlete to have a good, rhythmic control of his movements. Whether it is relaxation, coherence, largeness, fastness, balance, flexibility, etc., it is necessary for the athlete to concentrate and maintain a certain degree of persistence, which is a good need for the development of the athlete’s concentration.

5.Canoeing exercise people’s ability to respond

In the process of rowing, you sometimes encounter sudden situations such as turbulence, sharp turns, and big stones. These challenges can exercise your ability to adapt. Experienced kayakers can not be surprised and calmly deal with many problems.

6.Kayaking promotes teamwork development

Some rowing boats are made by 2 or 4 people. Several athletes need to move in the same direction before, so they can keep moving smoothly and quickly. In this process, team collaboration is very important.

For children, children who have been kayaking since childhood, he will become focused, with a strong will, confidence, and strong body. Most importantly, he will learn to share, learn to work together, and know how to give love to others. It is more able to cultivate his ability to explore and curiosity.

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