Explanation About The Remote Control Trolling Motor

A feature of the devices we usually see and use is that they must remain in contact with the trolling motor, and once you leave, they cannot be controlled. In order to overcome the various inconveniences caused by this, the marine trolling motor remote controller, using the trolling motor of the remote controller will get rid of the limitation of people’s contact with the trolling motor during operation, as long as it is in your field of vision, any position on the ship is operated by the remote control to realize steering, speed regulation, etc.

After purchasing a remote control trolling motor, you must do some study before using it. A marine trolling motor remote control controller, which relates to a marine trolling motor remote control control system. It includes a transmission control system unit composed of a regulated power supply module, an instruction generation module, a signal modulation and transmission module, with a regulated power supply and a wireless signal receiving module, signal processing module, foot controller control signal module, steering system, automatic navigation system, speed control system composed of receiving control system unit.

If you want to understand the circuit board of a remote control trolling motor and fully understand it, what kind of knowledge is generally required? If you have learned about junior high school physics and electricity, the working principle of transistors, the use of capacitors, resistors, and inductors, the pin functions of integrated circuits, infrared emission, the working principle of receiving circuits, and the basic working conditions of CPU, you can almost understand it.

In fact, the principle of the remote control trolling motor, in simple terms, is to remotely control the boat to move forward, back, left and right through radio and other media. Equipped with electronic compass, GPS satellite positioning system, sonar fish finder, all-digital two-way wireless communication system, these high-tech equipment can effectively prevent the boat from yawing while driving, and clearly understand the riverbed topography of the fishing site, water depth, water temperature and fish condition; use GPS to set the departure and destination, and the boat can automatically navigate to multiple destinations and return to the departure point repeatedly and accurately.

A boat with a remote control trolling motor generally consists of a remote control, a steering gear, a brushless motor, an ESC, a hull, and a paddle. The entire power system can be roughly divided into these parts: drive device supply equipment, drive equipment, remote control receiving equipment, direction control equipment, and cover. The effect of manipulation is that the boat can go forward, backward, turn left, turn right, and stop. Move the remote control dial forward or successively, the boat will move forward, and the boat will stop waiting after letting go. Move the remote control dial left or right to make the boat turn left or right while driving.

Through remote control, the propeller switch of the marine trolling motor is completed to open seven tasks such as left turn, right turn, acceleration, deceleration, backward, maximum speed switching, and automatic navigation. By using the principle of wireless remote control and integrating it into the recreational marine trolling motor control system, the remote control, convenient and sensitive, comfortable and easy control of the marine steering propulsion system is realized, which greatly expands the operator’s use the space and have a better water experience.

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