Why Is the Inflatable Rubber Boat so Popular?

If you like fishing, or water travelling, then you need an inflatable rubber boat. If you like to have breaks on the water in the day or night, an inflatable rubber boat makes you comfortable and safe. Also, the boat is a good tool for water sports. The material of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has high performances in toughness and seaworthiness. The inflatable boat is easy to transport, easy to sail, fuel-efficient and easy to maintain. So, they have been used as patrol boats and lifeboats in rescue and flood relief work in many countries around the world.

1.Thick material

The PVC inflatable boat is made of 3-layer PVC mesh, it is thick to ensure safety. At present, this PVC material has replaced the traditional pure rubber material. It can increase the tensile force and impact resistance. The PVC material adding with anti-UV raw materials is lasting and durable. Sunlight is exposed without deformation or cracking. It is becoming the mainstream material of today’s inflatable boats.

2.Light weight

Compared with other small-sized solid boats, it is light in weight, foldable and small in size. It doesn’t need much space, you can store it in any small corner of your room. They are easy to transport and do not need special equipment or trailers to transport them. Even large inflatable boats that can be fitted with engines, and can be easily placed in the trunk of the car. Due to the excellent performance of the rubber boat, it is difficult to turn over on the water. Passing through even in the shallowest areas of the water, such as small rivers or ponds. Due to their light weight, the energy consumption of inflatable boats is also low.

3.Good Safety

The professional PVC inflatable boats have multiple air chambers. Having two large, cushioning buoyancy buoys on boats. That is to say, there are 3-6 inflating holes on the ship. The buoyancy can still be maintained even if one of the air chambers is leaking. So the design of the multi-chamber makes it safer.

4.Easy installation and maintenance

The installation and maintenance of the inflatable rubber boat is quite simple. You can fill the air with a foot pump. Looking for a flat ground, and install it completely in 10-20 minutes according to the installation manual. It is over after removing the air and the bottom. Maintenance is also very simple and can be washed with soapy water.

The inflatable rubber boat is very light, easy to install and disassemble, easy to store and carry. It is superior to traditional wooden boats in speed and energy consumption. Now most of the international consumers trend to use this kind of inflatable boat.

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