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What is kayak and How to Classify it

Kayak is divided into two items: kayak and rowing boat.

From the time when humans mastered fire and stone axes, kayaks appeared, originally made of leather or hollowed out tree trunks.

According to historical records, kayaks originated from animal skin boats made by the Eskimos of Greenland with whale skin and water-stable skin wrapped on a bone frame. They were mainly used for hunting and fishing. Rowing boats originated in Canada, so they are also called Canadian rowing boats.

In fact, these two types of boats evolved from canoes. Therefore, some countries and regions in Southeast Asia, such as Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and Hong Kong and Macau in China, call kayaks as canoes.

Modern kayaks are mainly made of polyethylene or fiberglass and are used for tourism and adventure. It can be divided into cockpit kayaks used in calm waters (also divided into ocean boats and travel boats), platform kayaks (also known as platform boats, Indian kayaks) and small drop A white-water boat used in large torrent waters (also known as Fancy Xiang, etc.).

Sit on Top Kaya is a new variety launched by the French Rotomod company in 1993. Its greatest feature is safety. It has an automatic drain, which can make the water entering the cockpit flow out quickly to maintain the stability of the hull and ensure the safety of the crew.

When using traditional kayaks such as ocean boats, you need to constantly scoop out or even tip the boat, which is more difficult for people without special training. The platform boat does not need to scoop water out of the cockpit. Even if the boat capsizes on the sea with high winds and waves, a teenager or a beginner can climb on the platform boat in 3-5 seconds, thereby minimizing the risk. This has greatly promoted the popularity of kayaking among Europeans.

In terms of materials, kayaks can be divided into hard shell kayaks, folding kayaks, inflatable boats, etc., each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hard-shell kayaks are hard, strong and wear-resistant, strong in impact resistance, and fast; but their transportation is not very convenient, and they need to be hung on the roof of the car for travel.

Folding kayaks can be easily carried in a car, but it is more difficult to control in more complicated waters, and the taller boat is easily affected by the wind and deviates from the direction of travel. The biggest feature of inflatable kayaks is that they are light and portable, but they have short battery life, slow speed, laborious use, and poor impact resistance, so they are relatively dangerous.

Canoeing is an outdoor sport that tests people’s speed and endurance. Frequent participation in kayaking exercise can promote the regulation of human cardiovascular function, increase lung capacity, and increase body muscle strength and endurance. Therefore, this exercise is a good item of fitness exercise; at the same time, because this kind of exercise is water sports, and the water surface The content of negative ions is 2-3 times that of indoor sports, so it is also of great benefit to the respiratory system.

The biggest feature of kayaking is that people can see the scenery they have never seen before. Because driving a kayak can go anywhere you want to go, and you can see peculiar scenery that you can’t usually see on land, such as islands, caves, water birds, flying fish and peculiar plants. The vastness of the world can be felt on the wide water surface, there is no traffic jam, no noise, no crowded people, no dirty air, no pressure, everything is fresh and natural.

Kayaking is basically one person, one boat, and you can control the direction and speed by yourself, which helps to enhance your self-confidence and independence. In training and competition, you often sail in teams. At this time, you must not only strive to be the first , But also to take care of each other and work closely with the team members in the same group, so as to better cultivate the team spirit of the team members.

With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, returning to nature and challenging the limits has become a fashion pursued by modern people. Environmentally friendly, healthy and fashionable kayaking has been loved by many people around the world, especially young people who pursue fashion and are keen on outdoor sports. As a result, white-water kayaking events, such as white-water obstacle slalom, white-water marathon, white-water rafting kayaking, and other related kayaking sports have emerged as the times require.

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