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The Origin of The Canoe

In ancient times, people found that leaves and tree trunks would float in water, but they found that the weight that leaves can carry is very small, and the weight that can be carried by tree trunks is very large. The thicker the trunk, the heavier the weight it can bear. People have also found that the laurel-shaped tree trunk is unstable in the water, it will roll, and people can sit on it unsteadily, and people cannot move on the cylindrical tree trunk at all.

In this way, people use stone axes, stone zinc, hammers and other tools to flatten the round tree trunks. Later, it was found that using fire was more convenient than stone axe processing wood. People spread thick wet mud on the parts of the trunk that do not need to be excavated, and then burned the parts to be removed with fire.

In this way, the burned part is burned into a layer of charcoal, and then cut with a stone axe, it is easier. This is how the canoe is made successfully.

In 1958, three canoes were unearthed in Wujin County, Jiangsu Province, China. According to textual research, they were canoes from the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period, 11 meters in length, 0.9 meters in width, and 0.4 meters in depth. They are now in the National Museum of China.

Today, internationally, the term “CANOE” has become a collective term for KAYAK and CANOE.

Nowadays, canoeing has become a common water activity for modern people. Because you can learn it soon, friends with a car can also bring them for trips. In addition, in recent years, the couple has returned to nature. Canoeing is suitable for lakes, valleys or coastal paddling. It can be used as a sports or leisure activity while admiring the wind wings and even fishing. Therefore, it can be said to have sparked a wave of popularity among the younger generation.

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