six tips for fishing

Six Tips for Fishing

Fishing is good for physical and mental health and is becoming more and more popular. However, accidents often occur when fishing. For this reason, six suggestions are made to fishing enthusiasts based on experience.

1. It is not suitable for fishing in polluted waters

Polluted waters refer to waters polluted by waste residues, waste water and exhaust gas. For example, phenols are organic compounds (aromatic hydrocarbon derivatives) that pollute waters, mainly from water vapor slag discharged by coking, oil refining, synthetic phenols, synthetic fibers, insulating materials, phenolic resins and other manufacturers. Fishing in these areas is detrimental to your health. One is directly affected by polluted water, and the other is the harm caused by eating fish. Polluted waters are generally dark in color and have an unpleasant smell (mostly kerosene); or there is no growth of aquatic plants, or only one kind of aquatic plants grows; the fish are deformed (strange and strange), and the taste is abnormal.

2. Schistosoma waters are not suitable for fishing

Anglers always have to contact with water and aquatic plants. Schistosomiasis in waters with schistosomiasis easily invades from the skin and parasitizes in the small blood vessels of the portal venous system, causing schistosomiasis, mainly destroying the liver, and even leading to serious diseases such as liver cancer and intestinal cancer. The method of identifying schistosomiasis waters is mainly to ask the local people; observe whether the water is barren and overgrown with weeds; whether the fish are good for catching and the fish are dark.

3. It is not suitable for fishing under high-voltage wires

Some people mistakenly believe that a magnetic field is generated under high-voltage wires, which can gather fish and is the best fishing position. This is wrong. Not to mention whether a magnetic field can be generated under the high-voltage wires to gather fish. If the fishing line or fishing rod is accidentally contacted with the wires, it can cause the fisherman to get an electric shock or death, or cause short-circuit and power failure of the high-voltage line, leading to serious accidents. People who use carbon fiber fishing rods should pay more attention, because carbon fiber is a good conductor, and the consequences of contact with high-voltage wires are extremely serious.

4. It is not suitable to fish when lightning strikes

It is best not to fish in a thunderstorm. Because the anglers are in uncovered wilderness, the fishing rod is rained into a conductor, which is often easily struck by lightning, causing accidents.

5. Dangerous environment is not suitable for fishing

When choosing a fishing position, pay attention to whether the surrounding environment is dangerous. For example, the terrain is steep and slippery and there are cracks (lines), which may cause the angler to fall into the water; the slope is steep, and the rolling down of the active rock due to weathering may attack the angler and cause casualties.

6. Mold infection bait is not suitable for fishing

If the bait has been stored for too long, or the fermentation is improper, or the preparation method is problematic, the hair may become discolored to breed mold. Contact with hands while fishing can easily cause ringworm of the nails (onychomycosis), and even enter the body through food to cause gastrointestinal diseases.

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