40 LB Electric Trolling Motor for Kayak

This 40L thrust small trolling motor for kayak is equipped with a 8.9 inch 2-bladed propeller. The maximum power up to 414W, maximum load capacity reach 1250KG, there are 8 adjustable speed gears ensure boats of 3-4 people running smoothly in any water area. 30 inches long fiber glass shaft is equipped with a large bracket available for different water depths. Other accessories include a 5 foot 5 inch power cord, an all-aluminum metal head, a retractable handle, and the LED indicator.

Small Trolling Motor 55 LB for Kayaks

This is a high-performance small trolling motor for the kayak, or small fishing boat, with 55 pounds of powerful thrust that takes you to any water and runs smoothly. The maximum power is 636W, which can be used by 4-5 people, and the maximum load is 1650KG. This 55L thrust motor is equipped with a 10-inch 3-bladed propeller to reduce drag. 8 adjustable speed gears are easy to control. The 36 inches long fiber glass shaft is mounted with a large bracket that can move up and down freely. Also, accessories like the 5 foot 5 inch power cord, the all-aluminum metal head and the retractable handle will bring you a good and safe boating experience.