Precautions for Buying Electric Trolling Motor for Rubber Boat

How to choose an outboard for an inflatable boat? Generally, there are electric outboards, gasoline outboards, and diesel outboards. Which one is assembled depends on your needs. Generally, according to the installation method, yacht engines can be divided into:

  1. Inboard engine (the engine is installed on the inside of the hull, mainly for large yachts)
  2. Inboard and outboard engine (the yacht engine is installed on the inside of the hull, and the thruster is installed on the outside of the hull. For small and medium-sized boats.)
  3. Outboard motor (fixed on the outside of the hull. Small size, high power, high speed and widely used in small yachts and sports yachts.)
  4. Jet engine (suction water into the engine, speed up the jet to the rear to gain power, no need for a rudder, just change the target of the jet to change the target of the ship’s travel.)

As a new type of engine, the electric trolling motor outboard is very popular among many friends. Because the electric outboard motor has its own unique advantages, which cannot be surpassed by the fuel engine in some aspects, the electric trolling motor outboard also has a certain share in the marine market. Then, how to buy an electric outboard motor is a very important issue for everyone. Here are the main points of buying an electric trolling motor for a rubber boat.

First, look at the appearance

It is said that people look at their appearance, and the same electric outboard also needs to look at their appearance. A good electric outboard not only needs to have many layers on the paint, but also sprays it very evenly, and the paint has a strong adhesion. Such an electric outboard has the best anti-corrosion performance.

Second, look inside

The internal wiring arrangement of the electric outboard has a great impact on the quality, and unscientific wiring can easily lead to some wiring problems during the use of the electric outboard. The second is to see whether some key parts inside are formal, which is also a more important point.

Third, look at the power

Regular electric outboards? Manufacturers have special power testing machines, and electric outboards entering the market will indicate the corresponding power. However, there are still some electric outboards in the market that have not been formally tested for power. You need to distinguish which is normal and which is not.

Fourth, look at after-sales

In addition to the quality of the product itself, the quality of the electric outboard also depends on the quality of the manufacturer’s after-sales service. Generally, regular manufacturers will provide a complete set of after-sales service, which can guarantee the maintenance of the electric outboard after the purchase and prolong the service life.

Electric outboards are relatively slow, very quiet, and do not pollute the environment. Gasoline outboards are suitable for use at sea, or for people who like to pursue speed. They are relatively noisy and pollute the environment. Most of the diesel engines are used by cargo ships of dozens or hundreds of tons for trial use. There is also a hand-cranked propeller trolling motor, which is more laborious. Which one to install is up to your own discretion.

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