How to Extent the Service Life of Electric Fishing Motors?

Many customers have written back that our motor quality is very good. The motor is very durable, and some have even been used for 5-6 years. Why can HK motors be used for such a long time? Every HK product has to go through dozens of tests before leaving the factory. Those tests include waterproof, drop-proof, normal speed, switch, rotor and others. We ensure that the motor for our customers is of high quality. Which is the root cause of the durability of HK electric fishing motor. High-quality motors also need maintenance to make them better and longer-lasting. Here we summarized methods about how to maintain the motor and extend its service life.

1. How to prevent the motor from being corroded?

Corrosion affects lots to the performance and life of fishing boat motors. The two basic types of corrosion are galvanic corrosion and stray current corrosion. Electrochemical reactions between different metals will cause galvanic corrosion. The stray current corrosion occurs when charged metals are immersed in a matrix of waters such as lakes, rivers or oceans. The good side is that both types of corrosion can be avoided or slowed down. To prevent destructive corrosion of the new propeller. The first thing to pay attention to is the paint on the surface. Because this is the first place that may occur at the beginning of corrosion. Any bubble or blister is the sign, take immediate steps to correct them to avoid corrosion. When the electric fishing motor touchs in salt water, some corrosion is unavoidable. So, the use of sacrificial anodes will help. The sacrificial anode is a small chip made of high active metal installing on most saltwater electric motors. It has been used to prevent corrosion of less active metals. When corrosion begins, the sacrificial anode first corrodes. it protects the less active metal in the propeller. It is a must to flush the propeller with fresh water after boat running in sea. It can prevent corrosion of a large number of propellers in the seawater. Because it can drop harmful salt deposits that may promote or speed up erosion.

In addition, corrosion around the vent can be solved by thoroughly cleaning the area with marine or automotive wax. If stainless steel parts of the propeller are corroding, next steps are necessary. usually are cleaning the parts, removing debris and replacing parts if necessary. Although corrosion is a problem with inflated propellers, but it is preventable. Look carefully at the thrusters and replace or clean the corrosion parts as soon as you notice them.

After use, use a sacrificial anode for extra protection. And thoroughly flush the seawater from the propeller body. These ensure your marine trolling motor remain strong and corrosion-free for many years.

2. How to avoid the motor being damaged?

When in use, we recommend that you do not always use one gear position, especially the high-speed gear. If you use it all the time, it will cause a lot of load on the fishing boat motor. When you drag the heavy weight, the motor will be damaged. So, it is better to change the gear position every half hour. Also, do not always use one gear position, change positons can better protect your motor. Before each power-on, it is correct to move the gear to the 0 position, and not let the motor start with load.

3. How to do in emergency?

When the electric fishing motor is wrapped around by the debris underwater, it has a method. HK has a unique design. There is a small bracket on the shaft, you can make the propeller surface by rotating a small bracket. Of course, you must disconnect the power supply in advance to ensure your safety. Then clean up the debris and continue to use. But do not try to twist the governor and turn the high-end position to break free. This is completely wrong.

We hope to bring you the best products and hope you have the best boating experience.

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