We are a wholly-owned factory with a Professional R&D team, Ningbo Haishu Hongkang Outdoor Industry & Trade Co., Ltd, specialized in trolling motor manufacturing and development. We adhere to a philosophy of “Professional Integrity and Innovative Business, To Provide Customers with High Quality products, First-Class Service.”

Our Primary markets: Europe (40%), Russia (20%), Australia/New Zealand (20%), Americas (20%)


We’re looking forward to beginning our business relationship with you. Our greatest pursuit is You and your customers’ satisfaction!
  • Authority Certificate

    Our products are awarded the CE and RoHS Certificate by TUV, and we have got utility model patent in China.

  • Strict QC System

    Strict QC System. We double-check your each and every ordered item: firstly during mass production and secondly pre-shipment.

  • Copmpetitive Pricing

    Competitive pricing. You get the product direct from a factory that is actively controlling costs to mutual benefit.

  • Prompt Shipping

    Prompt shipping. We have a big warehouse, already containing a vast array of previously manufactured designs.

  • OEM Service

    We can handle any type of OEM order, even small quantities. With only your ideas and input, we can develop and produce the new produce you are looking for - even logo engraved or shipped in specialized packing.

  • Warranty

    We can also offer a two years warranty for the head of the motor.




Our greatest pursuit is you and your customers' satisfaction!

"The motor can with 360 degrees rotatable tiller, easy stowage, mountable anywhere, easy to control."

"Thanks for the good cooperation and the service from hk motor and your personally."

"It's really impressive and cheerful to visit Hongkong Outdoors."

"The boxes is of good quality card boardand the motor is protected well, also theinstructions are very easy to understand."

"Your factory is so organized and your quality control is very good."

"I'm impressed by your enthusiasm, hospitality and professional knoledge. It's the best reception I have ever met."



1. What is HK?
HK is a professional high-tech enterprise in producing electric boat trolling motor. We are specialized in this field for 8 years. We can also provide other products, for instance, inflatable boat, kayak, SUP. We are located in Ningbo, China, where is the largest port in China. We are industry and trade integration, from production and processing to export, we are all done by ourselves in Ningbo China.
2. What makes the HK trolling motor different?
1--light, super-silent and sustainable.
2--Clean, quiet power and modern mobility.
3--provides even more power and is available as inboard and outboard.
3. What does my boat trolling motor come with?
Our boat trolling motors include your motor, propellor, and instruction manual. Batteries must be purchased separately.
4. Does this boat trolling motor include a battery?
No, a battery is not included. We recommend your use a 12-volt deep cycle or marine battery.
5. Does my electric trolling motor run on 1 or 2, 12-volt batteries?
The 32lbs, 36lb,40lbs, 46lb, 50lbs,55lb and 60lbs thrust motors run on one (1) 12-volt battery. The 86lb thrust motor runs on two (2) 12-volt batteries.
6. How much runtime per battery charge? Is it reusable?
1.5-5 hours(Depending on the capacity of the battery and the power of the charger), and the battery is reusable.
7. How long does one 12-volt deep cycle marine battery last with HK trolling motor?
If powered by a 50AH battery, can travel at maximum speed for about 1 hour, with a top speed of 6-7KM/h per hour. If you use half speed, the driving time is about one and a half hours. The driving distance is 6-10KM. We recommend using a 50AH or 100AH lead acid battery.
8. Can you see how much battery power is left with HK boat trolling motors?
Yes, you can know the remaining battery power by LED.
9. Do you make the LEDS by yourself?
We don't produce LED lights ourselves, we buy from other factories.
10. Can the motor's control head rotate?
Yes, the control head of the HK motor S series is rotatable.
11. What is the shaft length of my trolling motor?
The 46lbs,50lbs,55lb, 60lbs and 86lbs trolling motor’s shaft length is 36inch, 36lbsand 40lbs is 30inch,32lbs is 28 inch.
12. Can the bracket move up and down?
Yes, the motor can be adjusted to meet different depth requirements by adjusting the large bracket.
13. How do the controls work?
Turn the handle to control the forward and reverse directions.
14. What should I do if the propeller is wrapped around with debris?
First disconnect the power immediately, then let the propeller float out of the water through the small bracket on the shaft to clean up the debris.
15. Is the propeller weak or flimsy?
The propeller is made of high quality plastic,it is sturdy and durable.
16. Is there a reverse gear?
YES,there are three reverse gears.
17. Can my trolling motor be used in saltwater?
Yes, the stainless steel and zinc hardware allow for all HK trolling motors to be used in salt water.
18. How do I mount the trolling motor to my boat?
Install a bracket on the boat and then mount the motor to the bracket,Our company also sells brackets and boats.
19. Can I screw the motor directly to the side of my boat?
Yes, the side of the ship is required to be flat.
20. Does the installation take a lot of time?
The installer does not need to be assembled and takes only a short time.
21. Are replacement parts expensive?
If you purchase 50 units at a time, we will offer you 2% of spare part for free.
22. Can I buy only one boat trolling motor separately?
Yes, if you only buy one, we will send it to you by express delivery.
23. If my motor parts are broken, can I buy them separately?
Yes, our parts can be sold separately. In addition, when you purchase HK products, we will have free accessories for you.
24. How long is your product warrenty?
The warranty period for the head of motor is one year.
25. How to maintain my boat trolling motor?
1--Don't use a gear for a long time
2--It is recommended to wash with water after use in seawater.
3--Regularly clean the propeller