What is Bowrider

The Bowrider is actually a small motor boat that can take 4 to 8 people and is suitable for recreational activities such as racing, fishing and towing water skis.

There is no cabin under the first deck of this boat. There is an open deck area in front of the bridge. Extra seats can be arranged for people to sit in front. When the boat is sailing, the people riding in the bow are like riding on the waves. You can enjoy the feeling of riding the wind and waves. This type of boat gets its name from the layout of its bow.

The typical size of an Bowrider is 5m (17ft) to 9m (30ft). It uses tail gear or external drive.

This kind of boat is suitable for sailing in inner lakes or calm waters, because if it is driven in wind and waves, the first deck is easy to get waves, causing sea water to pour into the cabin.


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