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Product Description

Product Description

TRM-DA series, performant outboard engine, adopt the patent technology of national level brushless motor. The unique maintenance free magic perform high-performance brushless power unit has 3 power specifications of 2kW, 3KW and 4KW under the support of two control modes of rear operation and front operation, respectively benchmarking 6HP, 9HP and 11 HP gasoline motors.

Safety magnetic lock

When the operator accidentally falls into the water, the magnetic buckle will be cut off and shut down, avoid injury caused by continuous operation of motor to ensure personal safety

Marine efficient controller

Sinusoidal DC brushless vector control of FOC for ship

High efficiency motor unit

No maintenance free underwater motor, anti-corrosive anode protection

Finger bucks suspension system

Adapt to the direction of fuel system, achieve double synchronous control

Stable system, high-performance

Stepless speed control, power surging

Applied to all kinds of small boats

Environmental protection

Product Parameters
Model TRM-DA300 TRM-DA400 TRM-DA500 TRM-DA300S TRM-DA400S TRM-DA500S


Handle control Wheel control
Supply voltage (V) 48 48 60 48 48 60
Maximum current (A) 50 75 75 50 75 75
Power (W) 2000 3000 4000 2000 3000 4000

gasoline motors (HP)

6 9 11 6 9 11
Speed (km/h) 10 12 15 10 12 15
Maximum speed (RPM) 1500 2000 2300 1500 2000 2300
Battery capacity (Ah) 48V-100AH 48V-100AH 60V-100AH 48V-100AH 48V-100AH 60V-100AH
Note: speed varies according to ship type



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