Why to Choose the Electric Outboard Boat Motor for Your Boat?

The outboard boat motor can be divided into different categories. The main products currently on the market are fuel-type and electric outboard boat motor. The fuel-based outboard engine converts the chemical energy of the fuel into mechanical energy, through the internal combustion engine, and then converts it into the kinetic energy of the boat by mechanical transmission and propeller. Fuel-based outboard engines have been used for a long time because of their strong power. They are easy to replace energy. They have always been the preferred products for ship hooks. But electric outboard boat motors have begun to enter people’s field of vision. Because small electric outboard motors are small in size and compact in structure. They are novel underwater power tools. High performance conversion rate and no noise during operation. It is also green, environmental friendly, easy to install, and easy to maintain. It is the first choice for some small boats.

The electric outboard boat motor can be widely used. They appear in boats for leisure fishing, fishery production, tourism, water sports. Every year, fishing enthusiasts buy about 70% of outboard engines. While the market is currently dominated by gasoline or diesel outboard engines. They not only make noises, but the exhaust gas produced also pollute the environment. This time, people paid lots of attentions on environment protection. So, clean electric power will be the trend. The domestic engine has an increased quality, and the design caters to the public. Electric outboard engines are becoming the main products of the outboard engine market. Many fuel outboard engines are replaced by an electric outboard motor.

1. Cost-effective

More and more people are paying attention to small electric outboard motors. Electric outboard motors have quite good advantages, such as its high cost performance. Buying an electric outboard motor can be the first choice for people in need. It allows users to go fishing and water sports if users not very care about the speed. The electric outboard engine has low noise, no pollution. Also featured of light weight, corrosion resistance and high strength. Furthermore, the electric outboard boat motor adopts adjustable speed design.

2. No pollution, no noise, green

The small electric outboard engine uses the recycle battery power. It is green and environmental friendly, and has zero pollution. It means a lot for protecting water resources and air, and simpler to store and transport. You only need to put it in the trunk of the car when you go out. It is also very clean, no nasty gasoline smell, oil, and exhaust gas, so you don’t have to worry about it will stain your car. Electric outboard engines will make sounds not exceed 50 decibels in use, which is truly no noise.

3. Large battery capacity and long battery life

The general electric propeller can reach the speed of 5-10 km with the full speed of 3 meters rubber boat. The cruising time mainly depends on the capacity of the battery. The general car batteries of 40-60 ampere/hours can make the electric boat motor running above 2 hours. It is enough for still water fishing and short-distance sailing. So the choice of electric outboard is mainly determined by the size of the boat. A longer boat will need a larger outboard motor, and it needs to be within the highest power of the electric outboard boat motor. Otherwise there will be safety hazards when used.

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