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What Size Battery for Trolling Motor

Many outdoor enthusiasts may have some issues on how to choose water boat trolling motor battery. Here we offer some suggestions for your reference, hope these will be helpful to you.

For electric trolling motor, we usually use LEAD-ACID BATTERY, it’s the low voltage, very safe. The battery are located at the inner part of the boat, not under water (You can refer to the cover of the journal).

The most suitable type of battery we suggest for our boat trolling motor in 55LBS (We highly recommend this specification, it is very popular) is 12V in 80 or 100 AH. Of course, you also can use 12V, 40 or 60 AH, yet the time will be a little short. Battery consumption depends mainly on the speed of navigation, generally the faster the speed, the faster the battery consumption.

Our brushless trolling motor with different specification has a protection device, and it can work normally at a current of 100-120A. It also has an overheat protection set, the critical value is 110 degrees Celsius. If you choose 48V motor, generally use four 12V 100AH battery, full speed of about 2 hours, half speed of about 4 hours, low speed can be 40 hours. General you play half-day is not a problem. 40 hours is a current estimate (current 2A or so), generally will not always be opened in low-speed.

How many batteries you need at one time depends on the needs of your use. If you choose the greater the power of the motor, the more batteries you need. The batteries on the market are generally 12V. In order to meet the demand for greater power, you need to connect multiple 12V batteries in series. Two batteries add up to 24V, three batteries add up to 36V, four batteries add up to 48V, and so on. Generally speaking, the higher the amperage, the longer the battery will last.
The best type of power is to use the recycled batteries, that is, the power source to provide power tools. It has the advantages of safe use, large charging capacity, for a long time high current discharge and long service life.

Best not to use starter-type battery, starter type battery for a short time a large current discharge, the battery capacity and power requirements are low start-up performance momentary high current, mainly to meet the requirements of the car starts.
When you choose to purchase, in general, batteries meet the following points are more appropriate:

1.The outshell for battery is waterproof
2.The battery can be removed easily for easy charging
3.They are lightweight and long life

The HK Trolling motor is powered by recycled battery, saving trouble, simple, environmental protection, less noise, low sound in water, so that anglers quietly into the fishing position, will not disturb the fish, is a good helper for anglers.
We do not provide batteries for logistics reasons. You may buy any suitable recycled batteries in your market. Not the car battery, because which is the starter-type battery.

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