What Are Factors That Affect An Electric Thrust Trolling Motor Running?

The electric thrust trolling motor contains a sustainable rechargeable battery. Thrust motors running at different battery capacities are different in lasting and distance. Of course, there are many factors that affect electric trolling motor running.

1.Battery capacity

First of all, the most direct factor is the battery capacity. If you use a large-capacity battery, the battery life and sailing distance will be longer. Except that the 86L motor uses 24V battery, the other HK products can be powered by 12V battery. If a 55 lb thrust trolling motor is powered by a 50AH battery, it can travel at most speed for about 1 hour, with a top speed of 6-7KM/h per hour. If you take the half-speed, the driving time is about one and a half hours, and the driving distance is 6-10KM. We recommend that using a 50AH or 100AH lead acid battery.

2.Boat size and weight

How aboat the boat? It matters a lot to the running speed. If it is a larger boat with the larger load, the travel time and distance will be shorter.

3.Motor thrust power

Generally, the larger the motor thrust power, the greater the energy consumption required. Comparing motors with different thrusts, for the more powerful thrust motor, its battery life of the same capacity is shorter. In the case that the 40L and 86L thrust trolling motors both contain a 100AH battery, then the driving distance of 40L will be about twice as long as 86L. But, the speed and largest load of 40L are much lower than that of 86L motor.

4.Wind and water

Also, wind speed and water areas will also affect the travel time and distance of the motor. In the case of headwinds against the water, the travel time and distance must be much shorter than of smooth winds.

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