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Sharing on Buying Boat–More Baluable than Buying Car, and Cheaper than Buying House

In America, many people have not only houses and cars, but also boats. Not only the whole family can go to the lake and the sea for entertainment during the holidays, they also can get a lot of money when they sell it. The boats mentioned below are not those luxury yachts with millions of dollars in motion, but ordinary motor boats suitable for a family or three or five friends to play in the water.

Recreational lifesaving uses

Inflatable boats are popular with water sports enthusiasts because they have the advantages of being able to move on the water after being inflated and easy to carry after being deflated. With a boat, you can go fishing in lakes and rivers, fish in bays, or even go out to sea to catch crabs, which is definitely much more than standing on the shore.

Add a thick rope and a large lifebuoy/surfboard and you can head to the lake for exciting and relatively safe freshwater surfing in summer. In recent years, natural disasters have occurred frequently in various parts of the United States. If you are in an area where floods may occur, and you have a boat at home, don’t you feel more at ease?

How to choose the right boat for you? Here are some tips for choosing a fishing boat:

Choice of ship type

Most motor boats on the market are fiberglass or aluminum, and there are also wooden ones like drift boats. But wood rots easily and requires more maintenance, while aluminum or fiberglass hulls won’t rot and are easier to use.

Simply put, different designs will make the boat more suitable for driving in certain types of waters. For example, flat bottom is more suitable for driving on relatively calm lakes or rivers, with less resistance when driving, it can drive faster, and it can also pass in some shallow waters; while V-hull is driving in windy waters will be safer and not easy to roll over, but it will be difficult to get through if the water is too shallow.

Pontoon boat refers to a kind of boat that is carried by two or more “pontoon” underneath. This design can be said to be the most stable and safest. Most of the boats are leisurely designed, and there are even small seats next to the sofa seats. A dining table or something, but if you want to catch up with the speed of other ships, you need to match the motor with several times the horsepower.

An electric outboard is a detachable power device that is suspended on the boat or boat stern and can propel the boat and boat to sail. It is mainly composed of engine and transmission, operation, suspension device and propeller. It has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, convenient disassembly, simple operation and low noise, and is suitable for inland rivers, lakes and offshore. Commonly used in civilian racing boats, yachts, short-distance transport ships and fishing boats.

Trolling motor

Trolling motor is called thrust, and the unit is lb. If you like to fish for bass in the lake, you need to use a low-noise electric trolling motor to propel slowly. For boats under 20 feet, a trolling motor of about 50 lb is sufficient.

If people usually only go out on weekends in summer and autumn, and the big motor is not used for fishing except for crab fishing in the bay, the big motor is not used much. Most of the time, the kicker or trolling motor is used, and the main motor is used after a year use basically no more than 50 hrs.

Boat equipped with outboards can perform water patrols, water rescue, disaster relief, and surfing, are more popular among people. Under normal circumstances, a small motor can drive a big boat as well, but the speed will be slower.

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