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Points to Note when Installing Trolling Motor

There are many friends to buy trolling motor then can’t wait to start the installation. First, they want to install it immediately to see the effect. Second, they feel that the manual is too long to read. Although it is relatively simple to install, there are still many issues worthy of our attention. If it is installed randomly, it may damage the motor or cause it to fail to work normally after installation. Then let’s look at what we need to pay attention to when installing:

1. First of all, we should make clear the maximum horsepower limit of the corresponding ship before purchasing an outboard motor. It is better to ensure that the ship is within the maximum horsepower limit. Otherwise, it is easy to cause dangerous accidents caused by improper operation. For boats that do not specifically specify the engine horsepower, you can consult the manufacturer for information.

2. When installing, we should put the trolling motor in the middle of the stern (take the outer edge size). Generally, outboard motors can only be used in waters with a water depth greater than 0.8 meters. You can adjust the water depth by holding the main lever with one hand, loosening the water depth, adjusting the device to the desired depth, and then tightening it again.

3. Installation height: The water surface balance plate should be spaced 30 to 50 cm from the bottom of the boat. After deciding the installation location, please fasten the fixing screws, and it is recommended to install according to the instructions because the incorrect installation will lead to the risk of decreased operability, loss of control, and fire. Please use special parts when installing. If you want to avoid the trolling motor accidentally falling into the water, you can connect the motor and the hull with a rope. If the fixing screws are not fully tightened, it will cause major accidents such as the motor falling off and loss of control. So it should be checked regularly.

4. Before the trial run, please confirm whether the boat floats correctly on the water at the maximum load and confirm the waterline. If the waterline is too high, it will cause the cabin to flood when the water body is moving vigorously. The design of the boat, the condition of the boat and its parts, objects in the water, and the incorrect installation height of the engine can all contribute to the flooding of the boat. It should be noted that do not leave the motor in the water for a long time, which will cause serious damage to the machine itself.

Before connecting the motor to the battery, make sure that the electrodes are not covered with dirt to minimize power consumption. Batteries should be stored in a well-ventilated place. When adjusting the angle of the outboard motor after it is installed on the boat, hold the head of the outboard motor with one hand and, press the positioning device on the top of the boat clip with the other hand, keep the positioning device in the pressed state and adjust the outboard motor until the desired angle. Then release the positioning device to ensure that the device is locked.

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