Welke maat trollingmotor heb ik nodig

The outboard motor has been attracting a lot of attention for its superior power performance. With the continuous decline of outboard motor price, more people who like water sports can afford to buy it and play. With the advancement of the industry in China, it can already able to manufacture high-performance outboard motors by ourselves. What size trolling motor do I need? This is a question that many friends consult before buying. In fact, the amount of horsepower you need is proportional to the size of your boat. We usually first need to know the size of your boat. What kind of boat is it? How many people are going on board?


Generally speaking, small boats of about 3 meters are equipped with electric trolling motor of 9-15 horsepower. If you only pay attention to fishing itself, and the boat running at high speed in the water cannot bring you the happiness you deserve, then the electric trolling motor is very suitable for you, though its power is small, but the noise and maintainability that most people can operate with ease. The simple structure makes it almost does not require any maintenance, no need operations such as adding gear oil, running-in, maintenance, etc., and no need to consider the mixing ratio of gasoline and engine oil. It is cheaper than the fuel outboard motor, and only needs the power source then can be used.


Under normal circumstances, hard boats (FRP boats, wooden boats, iron boats) have a smaller water contact area than soft boats (inflatable boats), but the weight of hard boats is often heavier than soft boats, and generally speaking, the majority of people who have hard boats have water experience, and more about fishermen or professionals. These people know their goals, so we will not discuss them further. Then let’s talk about the is the outboard motor configuration of the soft boat, that is, the inflatable boat. Generally speaking, the most common specifications are 2.5 meters, 2.7 meters, 3 meters, 3.6 meters, and more than 4 meters. The specific parameters are as follows:


Lengte Floor material Number of gas chamber Maximum power Recommended power
2.5 m boat for 2-3 people Ship deck 3+1 6hp 3.5hp
2.7 m boat for 3-4 people Ship deck 3+1 8hp 6hp
3.0 m boat for 4-5 people Ship deck 3+1 10hp 9.9-15hp
3.3 m boat for 5-6 people Ship deck 3+1 18hp 10-15hp
3.6 m boat for 6-7 people Ship deck 3+1 25hp 15-25hp
4.2 m boat for 7-8 people Ship deck 4+1 30hp 25hp


The maximum power in the table is configured for safety reasons. Just as the small car is prone to turn over when it is pulled by a big horse, an oversize outboard motor will not bring you the expected pleasure, but will cause unnecessary harm to you. From the above table, if you prefer fishing + water recreation, you can look at the column of “recommended power”, which will be the most suitable power choice for you. If you are a professional water sports lover, you can look at the column of “maximum power”, which is basically the safest and most reliable choice for you.

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