How to maintain an inflatable boat

In reservoirs or large-scale water fishing, an inflatable rubber boat is very necessary, on the one hand to have a good fishing spot, on the other hand for safety.

Inflatable boat maintenance needs to pay attention to the following points.

  1. In daily fishing, you can inflate enough in the morning and evening, and when the sun is enough at noon, and when the temperature is high, let out some air to leave room for expansion and prolong the aging time.
  2. When the ship touches the shore, you must have a choice. If there are many rocks, we will use a large light box to place it under the water. The water will occupy 2/3. You can fix it with rocks to avoid friction caused by the ship. It was discouraged and very clean.
  3. After fishing, rinse it out first, then wipe it dry, and pack it up. It’s best to brush it again with clean water after going home, wipe it dry, put it in the shade, and dry it. This refers to the inflated state.
  4. in winter, you can do some maintenance, you can go to the fishing tackle shop to buy special products, in order to extend the service life.

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