Emergency Equipment Before Driving Canoe Out to Sea

It’s easy to get started in a canoe, so people who learn often have the illusion of “easy driving”, thinking that when there is any emergency, they can easily row back to the shore, so that they will unknowingly ignore the safety before departure. ready.

Therefore, you should not be careless before setting off to avoid danger.

Among them, it is particularly important to note that beginners often overestimate their physical strength, and when they are happy, they will row the canoe too far. In the end, they will either get lost or become tired and unable to return to the voyage. Various emergency items should be placed at the stern for emergency use.

Before engaging in different water activities, beginners should wear a “floating suit”. It should be noted that there is a difference between it and a “life jacket”. It does not have a survival structure that pulls the head above the water surface. Provide extra buoyancy in emergency situations, so water sportsmen must also know how to swim.

Although a canoe can be learned quickly, if you are not yet proficient, if you are accidentally knocked over by a big wave, you may be cut by stones or oyster shells when you enter the water. It is recommended to wear shoes on the boat.

Since there is no room to block the sun when playing a canoe, you will be completely exposed to the sun for several hours. After returning to the shore, you may get severe sunburn and your whole body will be red, so remember before departure. Spare sunscreen lotion and sunglasses to reduce sun damage.

Finally, of course, you must prepare a waterproof mobile phone, or buy a waterproof case for your mobile phone, if necessary, for help.

After everything is ready, you can officially set off!

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